Audi’s $25 Million New Showroom

With a crowd that filled the new Audi showroom in Melbourne to the walls and beyond, Audi Australia reopened its central Melbourne showroom recently, to the tune of a $25 million redevelopment.

This has shot this showroom in particular, but Audi Australia onto the main stage of global car retail, reinventing the showroom and giving it a new three-levelled face with its own sport showroom concept.

With Australia having been identified as a pilot market worldwide for the Audi Sport showroom concept, the third floor of the new Audi Centre Melbourne facility has been turned into a 200 metre-squared showcase for the brand’s high performance range.

The brand’s RS and R8 vehicles, special wheel selections, exclusive vehicle accessories and an extensive range of merchandise that pays tribute to Audi’s legendary motorsport success is available for Audi enthusiasts to purchase in this new ‘shop within a shop’ concept.

There are two cafes, multiple lounge areas for customers to relax, and also a room where prospective owners can configure their new Audi on an innovative, large touchscreen table display in the comfort of a private lounge.

The distinctive Audi Terminal architecture is simple in its form, but featuring precise detailing, which is true reflection of the Audi design philosophy in the vehicles themselves. The overall design separates the showroom and customer spaces clearly, so that it is easy for people to connect with the vehicles, or to enjoy the surroundings of the café and lounge areas.

“It is incredible to see that this, the new home of Audi Centre Melbourne, has taken shape in such a magnificent form,” said Bobby Zagame, Dealer Principal of Zagame Automotive Group.

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