Why Auchentoshan Whisky Is The Drink Of The Season

Auchentoshan might be a mouthful to say for those who’ve never studied any Germanic language, but for what you might lack in annunciation you’ll make-up for in epic appreciation.

It’s a new American oak single malt Scotch Whisky that is brand new to Australia and they’re celebrating their awesome new welcome by slamming the country’s bars and bartenders with something special.

They’re launching with a competition called Distilled Different, hosted by Beam Suntory and CCA.

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The Distilled Different competition encourages Australian bar teams to create a cocktail, unique to their personality, using Auchentoshan American Oak and upload it to the competition website(link) and on social.

Twelve finalists will be chosen and paired with one of three up and coming photographers who will be tasked with capturing the distilled different essence of each team, creating a work of art and having it displayed in a travelling art exhibition, alongside their cocktail ‘work of art’.

The winning team will win a trip to Glasgow to visit the Auchentoshan distillery and the birthplace of The New Malt Order. Exciting times! Buy some here.





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