Asahi Silver Sessions

The Asahi Silver Sessions are a funky series of events aiming to applaud today’s agents of cool who represent the Asahi Super Dry principles of sophistication, creativity and distinction.

During the Silver Sessions events, some well known faces in Australia on TV and the like shared their secret ingredients either in or with beer, revealing what makes them tick.

With a traditional Japanese philosophy of Kamishibai – a form of storytelling that originated in Japanese Buddhist temples in the 12th century that pays homage to the rich heritage of the Asahi Super Dry brand – the guest speakers let the audience into their own little slice of alcoholism and celebrated Asahi beer.

Presentations from actor Gabriel Macht from hit US TV series Suits,  leading Australian actor Gyton Grantley, award-winning artist Vincent Fantauzzo, Australian composer Jed Kurzel, MONA curator Nicole Durling and architect Peter Maddison, were all part of Asahi’s silver sessions through the year.

Asahi Silver Sessions 1

Asahi Silver Sessions 2

Asahi Silver Sessions 4

Asahi Silver Sessions 3

Asahi Silver Sessions Sydney

Asahi Silver Sessions Sydney

Asahi Silver Sessions 6

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