Arthur Galan AG’s 15 year anniversary

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A far cry from his early days as a corporate business worker, Australian men’s and womenswear designer Arthur Galan isn’t a shadow of his former self as he spends every day steering the massive ship that has become his own namesake Australian fashion label.

Synonymous with stylish men’s and womenswear, suiting and fine shirts, shoes and accessories, the Arthur Galan AG brand celebrated a long haul of 15 years of existence amongst the excitement of the closing L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Graeme Lewsey, CEO of the LMFF announced a career well had and a bright and exciting future ahead of the man and the label whose reputation as some of the finest and most fashion forward of male and female corporate and clean-cut casual needs well exceeds it.

With a target market all of its own, a price point that sets the brand well apart from its competitors and a brand story that makes becoming a familiar face around the numerous Arthur Galan AG outlets both stand alone and Myer department store concessions more than expected, it’s no wonder the anniversary was so well received.

The editor of GQ Australia, the seemingly elusive Nick Smith made a presentation alongside Arthur Galan himself, touring the fact that for the same fifteen years that Nick and Arthur have been in the business, both have shown each brand the support and encouragement respectively, that has shot them both skyward.

It’s been fifteen years of success for Arthur Galan AG, with nothing but a brighter and grander future ahead of it.

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