Archie Green restaurant

Archie Green is a restaurant new to Melbourne and your new best mate

Archie Green is simple, tucked away down a quiet little street behind a big black door. From within, you’re treated to subtle sounds of inner city Melbourne that serve as a delicate remind you where you are as you gaze out huge square windows. But everything inside is the complete opposite.

Archie Green bar

Paying homage to the City of Melbourne, owner Paul Hourigan describes the venues concept as a “love letter to all things Melbourne”, and for those with a nose for all things Melburnian, you know it’s true.

Archie Green Pickled Daikon fresh Radish

Featuring caged walls and industrial settings; piped ceiling features; hanging plants; big, long tables and a generally overall rustic aesthetic – complete with subway tiles! – Archie Green is everything Hourigan loves about Melbourne healthily alongside exceptional food, creative cocktails and knock-you-socks-off good drinks.

Archie Green cod

Archie Green has concocted its own beverage of choice, a canned Morsel & Hooch ‘hipster punch’ cocktail, packaged like canned vegetables. You open it like any other can as the waiter hands you a can to crack open and pull on the lid to then pour the summer drink into an iced glass as you walk into the venue. Can you get any more hipster? There’s a challenge for you.

Archie Green Morsel Hooch

Creative drinks and funky interiors aside, it’s the experimental menu by head chef Gomez Braham that is a contender for simply stealing the show.

Open from breakfast to late and taking inspiration from all over the world, the dishes of star anise-cured swordfish with roasted tomatoes and crème fraiche and pork belly with smoked eggplant, grapefruit and jalapenos are just some of the testament to the menu the restaurant offers.

Archie Green Veal Shank

Meanwhile, early mornings have you waking up with blue swimmer scrambled eggs, braised feel hash brown and fried duck egg amongst other sensational offerings. See the Archie Green menu here.

You can find Archie Green at 10 Katherine Place, Melbourne.

Archie Green seating

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