What’s so good about Appleton Estate Aged Rum (Sponsored Video)

Appleton Estate aged rum is 100% Jamaican from cane to cup.

They say that in each bottle of Appleton aged rum, you can taste the culture, history, dance, music, food, sights and smells of the untold beauty of Jamaica. You’d be a fool not to believe it.

The Appleton Estate in the Nassau Valley is a fertile plot of land over four-and-a-half thousand hectares big in Jamaica, capable of growing some of the most suitable crops for harvest and distilling Jamaica has ever known.

It’s the birthplace of Appleton Estate rum, famed by its flavour thanks in large parts to Jamaica’s sugar cane growth and the estate’s fertile soil and blue limestone spring water that lets the rum sweeten to perfection.

Jamaica is all about the life. Music, food, women, men, enjoyment and happiness makes-up their way of life and is a great part of their tourism campaigns, spruiking what it means to live a life of quality.

That’s what their Appleton Estate aged rum is about.

They age the rum for a year, which is a surprisingly short time. Rum typically takes about three years to mature in oak barrels in cooler climates, but thanks to the warmer, sunnier, more desirable climate of the Jamaican islands, Appleton Estate aged rum expands and contracts with heat quicker, absorbing more flavours from the wood of the barrels and coming to its head a lot quicker.

This means for us more flavoursome and rich rum, more often.


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