Angela Clark opens in Fitzroy

There aren’t many events that see the likes of Kate Ceberano, Gamble Breaux, Brynne Edelsten and Richard Nylon gather beneath the same roof. But apparently, the Thursday evening opening of a quaint yet rather luxe jewellery boutique proves a rare exception. Clustered around a North Fitzroy curb was a collection of Melbourne’s most bejewelled beings, gathering to grab a peek inside Angela Clark’s shining new shop.

Attending boutique openings and luxurious launch parties isn’t exactly an overrated occupation. But when the festivities revolve around a craftsman as charitably minded as Clark, the event is shrouded in a very special air. Fifty per cent of the night’s earnings were donated to T&H designs, an Ethiopian jewellery-making enterprise Clark has had the opportunity to collaborate with, which, as put by the evenings hostess and guest speaker Kate Ceberano, is “uber cool”.

With everyone in attendance in unanimous agreement, guests were invited to peruse and trial the new collection, which fittingly launched alongside Clark’s new location. We were surprised there was still an abundance of pieces on display – since the Scotchmer Street shopfront opened its doors, Clark has sold every last piece of her new season stock. With designs ranging in materials from feathers to vintage pearls, as husband Joe put it, it’s easy to see why “Angela’s fingers are very tired”.

Previously located a stones throw away on the busier St Georges Rd, Clark’s business, Boutique Beads, is a charming little enterprise loved by locals and celebrities alike. But while the new location brings about fresh opportunities (such as a sold-out season), the same, bespoke aesthetic that permeated the original store continues to remain. The day Clark noticed the gap in the market for offering quality beads and customised Jewellery was the day the Fitzroy North family became that smidgen snazzier.

Somehow, Clark’s designs manage to perfectly balance that old/new vibe. To the unknowing eye her Lucite-bead headdresses and neckpieces dripping in pearls could have been pulled straight from the Gatsby era, but simultaneously, their uniqueness and slightly burlesque edge suggest the work of a contemporary genius.

A true bowerbird, while Clark’s style may be abundant her mindset is altruistic. Well worth extending your next Brunswick Street strip trip for, puns aside, this brand new North Fitzroy shopfront is the definition of a hidden gem.


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