An unlikely combination: Akira X Suntory Whisky

Whisky is the last thing you think of – alcohol, yes; specifically whisky, no – when you think of fashion retail.

That is until you look at a recent collaboration between designers and a renowned alcohol business. With the whole push toward traditional sensibilities that seems to be taking over and the infatuation we’ve all got with the finer things in life (champagne tastes on a beer income), a partnership between the likes of designer Akira and Suntory Whisky makes sense.

Akira and Suntory have joined forces to create a luxury furoshiki, used traditionally in Japan as a gift wrap. The furoshiki, designed exclusively for Suntory Whisky can be worn as a scarce or given as a gift pre-wrapped with a bottle of whisky fun.

Akira grew up in Kyoto before moving to Australia and launching his label. Suntory Whisky is actually a favourite of Akira as his father used to drink it when Akira was growing up, and as the Japanese tradition is on the art of giving creating the furoshiki to launch ahead of father’s day seemed perfect. 

Akira is one of Australia’s most renowned designers with an eye for feminine clothing that rival some of the others whose social status elevates them further than skill. For him to have partnered with a brand like Suntory is admittedly seemingly random, but as they say, it is a collaboration that goes beyond fashion, and is a celebration of Japanese culture and traditional ‘Art of Giving.’

This is all available at some selected Melbourne retailers:

Nick’s Wine Merchants;

The Wigs Cellar;

Sea Breeze Cellars; (03) 5987 0877

Akira Suntory Whisky 1

Akira Suntory Whisky 2

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