Trunk Town’s Love Affair With American Food In Melbourne

Remember when American food went out of style? Yeah, neither do we. American cuisine is on the up in Australia, and Melbourne just can’t get enough of it. In fact, this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival had an American theme, and it seems like all the cool kids are slurping milkshakes and chowing down on tacos. If you’re about to jump on the American food bandwagon, this is why you need to know about Trunk Town:


Built up around a beautiful old tree trunk (hence the name ‘Trunk Town’), this amalgamation of dining and drinking options is situated smack bang in the centre of Melbourne’s CBD. Patrons have the full range of options to choose from: breakfast, lunch, or dinner; relaxed or restaurant; food or drinks (who are we kidding? Food AND drinks); indoors or outdoors… We’ve tried to outline the options for you to make your menu decisions a little easier.

Trunk Bar and Restaurant is the stalwart of Trunk Town, offering great food and fine wine (and beer, and cocktails) with lunch and dinner. The starter menu will delight seafood lovers, and the main plates are restaurant quality with hints of Americana. You’ll be hard-pressed to look past the dessert list (Arabian Pavlova – say no more). And of course, there’s also an incredible pizza list if you’re not feeling too fancy.


If casual dining is more your game, Trunk Diner is a must-visit. Bookings be damned – this diner is walk-in only, so keep it casual, meander through and find a table. This is where the flavour and sass of the Americas really stands out. Whether you’re after the Halle Berries pancakes or the Meatless in Seattle sandwich, or want to mix a bit of Aussie culture into your meal with a Tim Tam milkshake (think Tim Tams with spiced rum), the menu options alone will keep you reading for half your visit.

In addition to the deliciousness, Trunk Town’s confidence and cheek make their melting-pot cuisine from North and South America even more appealing. That, and the shameless nods to pop culture featured throughout the gloriously calorie-dense menu. Ron Swanson (also the name of one of Trunk Town’s signature hotdogs) would be proud. Whether you’re after an authentic US diner meal complete with burger, shake and banana split, or you can’t beat your cravings for a quesadilla, pulled pork and a spiced rum cocktail, Trunk Town has got you covered.


You can enjoy your American-themed food in the biggest beer garden in the city at Trunk Town. Of course, you may prefer to simply kick back with friends and sample their huge range of tap beer, wines and cocktails. If you’re really thirsty, opt for a F.O.M.O cocktail jug – because you’d hate to miss out!

Australia’s love of American food and pop culture is showing no signs of slowing down, so embrace the trend and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and awesome food at Trunk Town.








Images: Trunk Town 

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