American Crew’s ‘Independent’ Collection

Showcasing classic, vintage looks, American Crew is back in 2014 to show off a collection of three key haircuts with different styling options.

Playing with the trends that came and went during the 20s to the 90s, the American Crew Independent Colleciton will give us a bit of a snapshot of each era through its shapes and styling.

The three looks are named after what seem to be the most popular names of three blanket eras: Ezra, Hamilton and James, playing with the rebellious antics of the 50s, to the anti-gravity beliefs of the 80s and even the flamboyance of the 20s.

The collection is being launched as part of Co-Lab 14 in May – an event featuring the best in the business, where American Crew artistic director, Paul Wilson, will present the collection alongside Crew creative director, Craig Hanson, each delving into the mastery of creating styles that are unique, bold and clever.

Counting down the days.

American Crew Independent Collection - THE F - 1

American Crew Independent Collection - THE F - 2

American Crew Independent Collection - THE F - 3

American Crew Independent Collection - THE F - 4

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