American Crew Review: Classic 1

Men rejoice! All you’ve ever wanted, needed, thought of wanting or needing or otherwise abounds in salons dotted all over our fine country.

What is it? American Crew.

After the 80s and 90s, the old time ‘barber shop’ disappeared into the recesses of society and was overtaken by hair salons catering primarily and often exclusively to women.

This left men with nowhere to run to for their hair styling, care and attention needs and so were forced to adopt a more than questionable and less than appealing reputation for their coiffures.

Those days are gone and have been so for years.

David Raccuglia American Crew’s founder and creative director is determined upon his product and its namesake being at the forefront of men’s hair care and styling whilst it forges the way in product advancement, enhancement and research. With a passionate commitment to men’s hair grooming, the goal of American Crew is to bring men into salons, provide them with a new, catered experience and teach them the ways of incorporating stylish male joire de vivre into their lives.

Over the past few weeks, I have been religiously using American Crew product on my head and found that everything they say it will do, it does, the smell divine and the effect, heavenly.

Three products sit atop my vanity, begging for their daily use. In earthen toned, reflective and striking packaging all bearing the very 1960s inspired ‘American Crew classic’ stylised logo, they’re both a stylish and statement-like product for the stylish and brand reputation-conscious metrosexual man to take heed of.

Product one: The American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo, $22.95

A true salon experience.

Not that my hair is notoriously ‘filthy’ or unkempt – far from it actually – this shampoo certainly knew how to leave an impact by cleaning and invigorating my hair well and truly within an inch of its life.

I tend to classify my hair as dry and limp – endearing image, isn’t it? – so this product worked wonders. Never has my hair been so lustrous and soft post-wash with lasting effects throughout the day, which I dare say accumulated over the fortnight of its trial.

The fragrance of the product is sweet and has that typical ‘hair salon’ smell, which is both alluring and immediately satisfying in the knowledge of the power of the product.

Retailing for only $22.95 it’s a sound investment at a bare minimum.


Product two: The American Crew Stimulating Conditioner, $23.95

I’ve always found anything entitled ‘stimulating’ both intriguing in that I wonder what else the product can be used for, and disappointing in that I never truly feel stimulated after I use it.

Whether that has anything to do with the fact I have no idea what they mean by stimulatingwhen they put it on the packaging of something such as hair conditioner, I’m unsure, but humbly, such a word should be reserved generally for the privacy of one’s bedroom and specifically, sex toy collection.

That aside, this product as amazing.

With a fragrance of sweet peppermint I found myself most mornings wanting in ingest the formula rather than smother my head in it. Having said that, I was glad I did. The fragrance lingers for a while, ultimately adding to the overall odour of one’s body for most of the morning, enticing the thoughts of after dinner mints to dance through the mind.

The conditioner added shine, volume and a softness I rarely achieve with the use of a mere shampoo that lasted for days, rendering my hair a clean slate for me to do anything to.

Retailing at $23.95 you can’t go wrong.

Product three: The American Crew Boost Powder, $33.95

This product did and still does intrigue me.

I don’t fully understand what it is and for all intents and purposes, still do not. It’s a remarkable powder I’ve never experienced in my long life of hair to date and one that now I have, I will never again be without.

The Crew tells me it’s an ‘anti-gravity volume powder with matte finish’, which is exactly what the product proved to be. It works by adding grit to the shaft of the hair follicle to provide a flexible hold and thicken the appearance of the hair with its included Silica and Silylate. It also apparently retains the moisture in the hair to soften, revitalise and restore it.

It smells cool with a slight toxicity or chemical component, which is novel and to be expected with something labeled ‘anti-gravity’; feels cool and heavy on the skin and works wonders in the hair.

Each head of hair, obviously depending on the volume and nature of the weave, requires only a small sprinkle of the powder, which is easily dispersed through twelve intelligently placed holes, much like a pepper shaker. A brief and quick tszuj through any head of hair mattes the follicles and adds immediate volume and a very easy-to-work-with playground. Every morning I used this powder followed by a quick blow dry and style, which left my hair easy to reshape and presentable for the whole day. Again, something I’ve not yet come across and will continue to use.

Retailing at $33.95, it’s a costly investment for the hair, but is something that goes far and is very impressive.

American Crew is a product made for men with an international focus. Operating throughout over seven countries, men will be hard done to find anything that addresses their grooming and styling needs so well from the product, its smell, its ease-of-use and its

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