American Crew Review: Classic 2

American Crew’s mission in life is to bring fine hair care to men through their carefully targeted products and love for men’s hair globally.

Through their research of and advancement in anything men’s hair-related, they’re forging the way in men’s hair care and styling, while doing their best to bring back the pride men once had in their weave and making it a commonplace thing.

For a bit more of a background, be sure to check out my first American Crew product review on StyleZilla here.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trialling some new products they so lovingly sent my way, which I’ve so lovingly been using religiously.

Much like their counterparts that I’ve had the pleasure of covering my body in, they sit amongst my other beauty products and hair treatments, gleaming with their retrospective style and stunningly understated earthen personalities while filling my bathroom with sweet smells that have now all accumulated into one.

My bathroom smells like a hair salon.

That aside; brilliant products! So please, revel in my joy…

Product one: American Crew 3-in-1, $32.95

Not that it’s likely to happen with Winter upon us and the thought of a hot shower all too compelling to elicit any length of less than around 20 per shower session, but our morning washing ritual may now be completed in less than half the time with American Crew’s amazing 3-in-1 product.

Admittedly I thought it a weird notion, combining my body wash with my shampoo andconditioner, but after a few repeated uses with a few repeated results, my trepidation subsided. Now I use it like it’s going out of fashion.

By combining shampoo, conditioner and body wash with a simple but tasteful mix of Dimethicone, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sage Leaf Extract, American Crew has found a balance in formula that can move seamlessly from the hair to the body and perform the duties a specifically targeted product should do on its own.

It’s for the time poor man when he’s in a rush. Make sense, doesn’t it?

Having a product that hits all three main tick boxes when in the shower at once is a godsend. The 3-in-1 shampoos, conditions and detangles, builds-up shine and washes the body, while not removing any of the body’s moisture like other store bought and cheaper soaps and body washes can do.

It has a gorgeous typically clean smell with a definite hint of moisturiser, so you know your hair and body are benefitting from the science behind the formula.

Product two: American Crew Fiber hair product, $24.95

Never have I found a product that so perfectly matches what I like to do with my hair.

I hate the overloaded-with-product look that so many men that don’t know how to style their hair stick to. The fake and rock hard shine they often achieve is more than off-putting and isn’t terribly becoming for any social engagement or event. Thankfully this product doesn’t even come close to achieving that look, so it’s a winner in my eyes.

This season, for me at least, is all about the matte look, which the American Crew Fiber hair product has mastered, and then some.

As a style tip on the America Crew website says, Matte is the ultimate in masculinity. If shine screams, “look at me”, matte leans in closely and says, “here I am”.

With a lemony zest like fragrance that makes you crave a lemon tart, the product is a rock hard yellow mass in the jar at first. Break through the hard exterior and the putty – funnily enough – turns to putty in your hands, easily maneuverable through your palms and hair.

It immediately gives your hair a thickened, matted and textured look, which can then be easily styled and shaped into essentially any look.

Ideally though, it does get somewhat harder to use the longer a man’s weave, so it’s best for shorter more manageable hair, ideally between 1-3 inches, or up to six centimeters.

Product three: The American Crew Grooming Spray, $24.95

Sticking true to my matte look preference, this hair spray is a treat in liquid form.

With that distinct hair spray kind of smell to it, the modest one pump application ensures you don’t overdo it and wind-up with that dreaded overloaded-with-product look I mentioned.

It’s a grooming spray through and through, ergo, it’s made to be used either as the primarily ingredient in your hair styling and shaping or as a finishing touch to add a variable hold finish to your hair.

The magic of a good ‘variable hold’ spray should never be underestimated. Having the option to quickly up or down-do ones hair at any point of any day – as I tend to do depending on my engagements – is a blessing. This spray is perfect for it and as I’ve found, can be easily concealed in a regular sized man bag for the odd touch-up here and there. If that’s your thing.

The fact that it can be applied onto either wet or dry hair, too, makes it a time-saving blessing and kept me looking good (enough) while I ran out the door. Late. As usual.

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