American Crew Review: Citrus Mint

American Crew is the leader of the pack in men’s haircare and styling.

From the chemically enhanced, varying purpose concoctions and a range of hair care that suits essentially every occasion, hair styling proficiency and aesthetic, their rage has been proven to me time and time again, infallible.

Recently, their Citrus Mint range of American Crew hair and body products came into contact with my body. I’m mighty glad they did.

In the day and age where environmental sensitivities are considered god and sustainability is king, what American Crew have underpinning this particular range is a brilliant offering with a nice natural zest.

Product 1: Citrus Mint Moisturising Body Wash, $22.95

This, as any decent body wash, froths lightly for a mild yet thorough bodily clean and is a perfect choice for to fight the drying winter air thanks to the product’s inclusion of glycerin and Vitamin E.

The product’s all natural oils and other deliciously creative ingredients such as lime, orange, peppermint and spearmint, obviously adding to the citrus mint fragrance of the whole product make this wash a superficially beneficial morning wake-up.

Clean skin, a slight tingle and that distinct ‘I’ve just had a shower’ smell make the body all the more huggable and fresh after a good scrub with the body wash.

Product 2: Citrus Mint Refreshing Shampoo,  $22.95

It wouldn’t be American Crew without the hair product, given that is after all their staple.

This is as gentle a shampoo as I think you could possibly get. With a subtle smell and remarkably long-lasting quality – I’ve been using it for the past few months and still have over three quarters of a bottle remaining – in addition to the natural oils included, this is a shampoo not to be forgone.

The Cirtus Mint Refreshing Shampoo leaves the hair with enough volume and bounce to be styled in any way its wearer deems necessary.

Prouct 3: Citrus Mint Cooling Conditioner, $23.95

A slight tingle, refreshing fragrance and a soft texture, the American Crew Citrus Mint Cooling Conditioner is a healthy boost of naturally-inspired benefits that the hair can more than use.

Concocted with all natural oils and blends of lime, orange, grapefruit, peppermint and spearmint, glycerin, rosemary and thyme extracts, the quality of the conditioner, which the hair only requires a small amount of is loaded with vitamins and beneficial qualities that left my hair with a shine of its own and made post-wash styling an even easier experience.

Product 4: Citrus Mint High Hold Styling Gel, $24.95

When you think American Crew, you think men who know how to style themselves. Men that can dress well, wear their hair a particular bouffant, classic way and are the coolest of the cool.

This gel helps you achieve that look with ease, style and a smell that is essentially non existent. There’s nothing worse than a man who wreaks of his hair product for hours after its application. This product does away with such stigmas.

American Crew’s High Hold Styling Gel is the perfect mix of an easy-to-manoeuvre and even easier to style hair product that I could only wish I discovered sooner.

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