Man wearing gold watch

All watches that glitter are gold this autumn

When watches were first brought into existence gold was where it was at. Gold faces, casings, arms and airs, the gold watch was a status symbol and piece of sartorial style that redefined a generation.

Now, it’s back, with Nixon rolling out the gold carpet for some excellent golden wrist pieces for the bold enough for gold.

Nixon 48-20 Chrono

NIXON, 48-20 CHRONO, RRP $679.99,

$679.99. Get it here.

NIXON, Arrow, White-Gold

NIXON, Arrow, White-Gold, RRP $319.99,

$319.99. Get it here.

NIXON, Kensington

NIXON, Kensington, RRP $259.99,

$259.99. Get it here.

NIXON, Medium Time Teller

NIXON, Medium Time Teller, RRP $179.99,

$179.99. Get it here.

NIXON, The Clutch

NIXON, The Clutch, RRP $349.99,$349.99. Get it here.

Image: Modern Man Collection




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