Alfredo Gonzales meets MINI

By Holly Thomas. 

Alfredo Gonzales, the man the myth the legend… The motto is “Good Life Gonzales Life”, the product is lifestyle socks and boy does he do it well. The idea of the lifestyle sock is just exactly that, socks for everyone, for every walk of life with the range modelled by hipsters to construction workers to your suited and booted business men and all that’s in between.

Alfredo Gonzales is the fifth and final collaborator for Mini Paceman in a campaign to feature up and coming designers from around the globe who align themselves in “perfect synergy” with the Mini Pacemanbrand. The half Dutch half Mexican and wholly charming founder of Alfredo Gonzales, Dennis Ebeli humbly spoke of his inspiration to create the brand coming from an old Mexican folk tale of a native moving to New York City to design argyle socks with a twist for the men on Wall Street. Dennis adopted and developed this notion and thus the sock man and the Alfredo Gonzales brand was born.


This is the brands second collection and they have teamed up with Pony to create some quirky and heavily New York City inspired socks and sneakers. The shoe is quite adequately named ‘The Hot Dog’ which is strikingly fitting for the collection as you cannot turn a street corner in NYC without coming across this delightful nutriment. Just in case you opt to walk around Manhattan with your eyes closed, there is a guide to the best three hot dog eateries in the city lined into the sole of the shoe… amazing!

There is literally a sock for everyone, girls and boys, anyone who loves to be fashionably nautical, quirky, loves an argyle with a twist, is patriotic or just simply likes to have a little something fun going on underneath their suit.

If you like socks or hot dogs for that matter, check out the Alfredo Gonzales collection on his website, The possibilities are endless for this new brand and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

Dennis Ebeli - MINI PACEMAN 2

Dennis Ebeli - MINI PACEMAN 3

Dennis Ebeli - MINI PACEMAN 4

Dennis Ebeli - MINI PACEMAN 6

Dennis Ebeli - MINI PACEMAN 7

Dennis Ebeli - MINI PACEMAN 8

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