Alexander Skarsgård meets MR PORTER’s The Journal

Alexander Skarsgård has been interviewed for MR PORTER’s ‘The Journal’ as Hollywood’s New Hero.

The soon to be Tarzan, talks about his upbringing and his eight pack and how he is unperturbed by nudity.

He dropped some insights into it all…

“It was an incredible childhood, it really was. No one ever locked the doors. We didn’t even have keys,” he recalls. “My cousins were in the apartment above us, so the kids would just run up and down. And Grandma and Grandpa lived across the street.”

Alexander Skarsgard 1

The legend of Stellan [his famous actor father] is an entertaining one. By all accounts, his liberal approach to life extended to his wardrobe. He often walked around the house naked despite the presence of guests, which may or may not explain his eldest son’s relaxed attitude towards nudity. 

Alexander Skarsgard 2

“I grew up in a very Bohemian hippy-dippy environment,” he says. His entire family are artists and pacifists – wine-drinking, pot-smoking people who hate the idea of the military. “Maybe, age 19, [signing up] was a reaction to that.” Not that he had any intention of seeing active service. “I wasn’t going to get sent to a war zone. In Sweden, our last war was 200 years ago…”

Alexander Skarsgard 3

In 2014, he trekked to South Pole with Prince Harry to raise money for charity. “He’s an incredible storyteller, so I think he’d be a very good actor,”

Alexander Skarsgard 4

“Yeah. I’m not married, I don’t have kids… I feel OK about it…No midlife crisis yet.”

Alexander Skarsgard 5

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