A’Esque’s Concept Store

We all know Mimco, Australian women’s go-to for semi-affordable, semi-quality women’s leather and other fabric bags and accessories as founded, developed and sold-off by its creative genius of a mastermind, Amanda Briskin-Rettig.

Since moving-on from her first baby, she’s been back in the game under a different name, A’Esque, and has been busy creating as big a wave – if not bigger – as she did the first time ’round.

A’Esque is a top quality, fine leather and awesome design-focused bag and accessory retailer which started out for women and has since moved into menswear.

With a focus on genuinely ‘cool’ design work, unique colour ways and sensational textures, the A’Esque name has seriously very quickly clambered to the top when it comes to fine quality and something different to the run-of-the-mill we see all too often.

Located at 555 Chapel St. South Yarra is the A’Esque Concept Store that is being used to showcase both men’s and women’s collections and a curated selection of art installations and hand crafted furniture created and made by local artists and craftsmen.

The intent for 555 Chapel Street was to expose and restore the site’s original internal shell to provide a space to really let the quality of the pieces of A’Esque’s collections really shine.

With accents of 80s architecture all over the space, the brand is situated as a point of difference on Chapel Street. With nothing but a bright future ahead, it’ll be interesting to see how this company moves onward and upward.

AESQUE 555 Chapel St. Concept Store 3

AESQUE 555 Chapel St. Concept Store 4

AESQUE 555 Chapel St. Concept Store 5

AESQUE 555 Chapel St. Concept Store 6



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