AEON Sunnies for everyone

There is in Canada a bunch of three guys with a really cute story.

They hated the fact you can either buy cheap sunglasses that you use and throw away, or unattainably expensive ones that you use, love, eventually break because they’re made so cheaply and in-turn, throw away too.

Left wondering why and with a fire in their belly, they set-out to design and create a range of eyewear that is affordable, reliable in quality and will suit everyone who needs them.

This is AEON.

Designed in Canada with nothing but good quality materials in play and a really quirky but so wearable fusion of old world styles with a new contemporary finish, the AEON team have uncovered something genuinely great.

They normally retail for $99, but with a campaign seeking pledges to a total of $USD9,700 they plan on flogging them for only $35 a pair. Very exciting.

Hop over to this link and see what they’re up to. If you like what you see, feel free to donate.

With our pledges, the collection comes to life. 

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