Advanced Style

Move over Kate Moss, theĀ entire Kardashian clan and Olivia Palermo – what is a style icon, anyway?

There are a bunch of women in New York City, the fashion and style capital of the world, whose aptitude for and passion in fashion and style far outweigh these younger models whose names are bigger than the wardrobes they purport to work in any case.

They’ve worked their magic in reinventing what it means for women to ‘age gracefully’ and shown exactly how to flick the ageing process and stereotypes the biggest ‘bird’ conceivable. Through the work of Ari Seth Cohen, a fashion and style blogger from New York at whose work focuses on the styled of advanced age women, this group of women showcase the fun side of the ageing process and just how fabulous you can still be as the years race on.

Fashion lovers needn’t necessarily pay attention, this documentary is for those with a zest for life or those who’re in need of more.

Ari has worked with a team of documentary makers to create an incredibly moving and inspirational story of the lives of six prominent New Yorkers, eminent on the New York fashion scene and edifying in their ways of life.

Ari has cracked a niche that no one has thought to explore before, led the way in his craft and has done so well in telling the story of life that is all too unfortunately and often overlooked in spite of the positives.

Bring on the next 60 years!

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Advanced Style 3


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