The ultimate bag for active travellers and commuters, the Henty CoPilot

There aren’t many other bags in the world that do such a fine job at bridging the gap between practical and stylish, especially for the commuter, but the Henty CoPilot bag does just that.

Henty bag CoPilot carrier travel 1

It started off with a simple crowdfunding campaign, initiated by the bag’s designers Jeremy Grey and Jon Gourlay and has since taken-on the world of functional travel by storm.

The clever design renders the bag ideal for ergonomic demands on the body when you’re up and about, either on the back of a bike, wedged in-between two people in economy or jostling for shoulder space on the train in the morning.

Henty bag CoPilot carrier travel suit shoes

It has a snazzy two-in-one approach to life, consisting of an outer garment bag, and a spacious grab 20 litre inner utility bag.

To be worn as either a stand-alone backpack or easy carry-on duffel-type bag, all the while durable enough to withstand the toughest of trips. Thrown onto your back for a work commute or into the overhead compartment on a plane, the Henty CoPilot comes loaded with all the features to keep you on the move.

Henty bag CoPilot carrier travel with suit

The inner bag design means you can strategically hang and place your clothes inside of it, rolling it up into a tight little package, ready to roll when you arrive at the other end.

Henty bag CoPilot carrier travel work computer

Could anything be more ideal for the traveller? No. Not, it couldn’t.

Starting from $319 for Henty CoPilot Messenger and $349 for the two-strap version, the CoPilot Backpack.

See more at the Henty website. See below for how it works…

Co-Pilot Backpack from Henty on Vimeo.


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