A Sensational Cruise On Sydney Harbour With Toyota; A New Way To Feel The Streets

It’d been a long time since I’d gone to a live music event. When X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent season is on, you tend to forget that people can actually play instruments right in front of you, and not just on your parents’ TV screen.


But with Toyota’s “Feeling the Streets” project coming to a conclusion here in Australia, with a live performance entertaining us aboard the Corroboree, sailing from Rose Bay, across Sydney’s harbour, I was reminded of the beauty, passion and connection witnessing live music can facilitate.

Launching an online competition designed to celebrate street musicians from across the globe, Toyota brought the finale of their “Feeling the Street”’s second season to Sydney, forming a band with the six most popular and talented street performers and their roadies.


Selecting one performer from each category: vocals, brass/woodwind, guitar/bass, keys, drums and misc, there were over 370 applicants narrowed down to six performers, flown into perform in Sydney from India, Colombia, Brazil, Italy and Chile.

As one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, it’s interesting to note what sparked Toyota’s interest in a ‘best busker’ campaign, but with the company’s global vision centered on a commitment to quality, innovation and creativity, it’s safe to say each busker, individually and together, represented these qualities.

Attendees of the event boarded the two-storey, luxury yacht with a fear that their shoes, left back on shore and swapped for white slippers, would be swiped. This fear though, soon dwindled, as an incredible line-up of solo and group performances from across the world of musical genres, delighted audiences as the Sydney sun set across the harbour.

With an original song that celebrates the “Rhythm of love”, the Feeling The Streets Season Two winners reminded it’s Sydney yacht audience, between clinked glasses of Chandon and shucked down oysters, of why we listen to music: it’s undeniable ability to connect people of all backgrounds and beliefs.












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