A little slice of Morocco, Spa de Marrakech

Nowhere else in Melbourne will you find it so okay to be completely naked that it’s almost weird if you’re not.

Welcome to the Spa de Marrakech about 45 minutes from Melbourne on the side of Mount Evelyn.

You hardly expect to find anything resembling Morocco and the ornate, decorative bazaars that fill the city’s streets so far away from the Middle East, but still, there it is, in semi-rural Victoria, born by its founder Deborah Quitt and her partner Mark.

Spa de Marrakech is a merely few-week old establishment that offers a unique experience that you’d be hard done to find anywhere else.

The idea for a hillside day spa resort came to Deborah over ten years ago like a random lightbulb moment one morning.

So she and Mark started offering day spa treatments and overnight stays to guests playing with a Japanese and Balinese theme.

Spa de Marrakech came later, but has this year has finished construction and thrown open its lusciously ornate brass-plated, Moroccan-made doors to the public and guests of the retreat.

They have villas on-site, each as secluded as the next and each offering its own in the way of privacy, intimacy and relaxation; the three exact things that most singles or couples seek for a meditative weekend away.

Though neither of the duo have ever been to the Middle East, nor Marrakech for that matter, the brand new Moroccan themed day spa is so on point that it’s astounding to walk into.

Thanks to Deborah’s huge enthusiasm for the culture and dedication in research, stepping through those purpose-imported brass reinforced solid wooden doors is like a trip to the ancient city itself. With smells of Middle Eastern imported infused oils, bespoke, artisan hand-made silver embellished oil flasks that are of course available for purchase for a reasonable price, the day spa element is very much obvious amongst the strong Marrakech influences, which carries through seamlessly to a Roman themed bathhouse.

Finishing touches like the furniture, light fittings and other homely decor touches, some of which have been hand-crafted by Mark to tie-in with the theme of the spa and bathhouse all finish the aesthetic of the establishment perfectly.

In addition, high sweeping ceilings, hand painted oil murals and portraits of anonymously exotic Moroccan women fill each room; most notably of which is the Roman themed bathhouse tucked down the back of the spa building. With a communally-designed mineral pool, two separate twin-head shower rooms and a private steam room; the room is a romantic, relaxing, therapeutic retreat from the realities of the day outside.

They definitely got something right with this room.

Meanwhile, the Spa de Marrakech offers two massage and relaxation rooms that allow for the perfect arrangement for a couple or good friends to experience the magical touch of the massage therapists and relaxationists on staff. The decorative efforts put into each of the rooms show that no expense was spared with genuine imported Moroccan tiles, German-manufactured massage and shower beds and hidden nooks and crannies in each room that enhance with a modern day twist, the traditional Arabic massage rituals.

To see more or make a booking visit their website or contact them at 03 9737 0413, info@spademarrakech.com.au

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