A Fabulous Lunch With Moet & Chandon At Morris Jones Melbourne

Morris Jones has unveiled their new 3-course lunch menu inspired by the luxurious Moët & Chandon Impérial champagne. Hand-crafted by head chef Matthew Butcher, who’s previously worked under celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the menu features a variety of visually stimulating dishes that are also an absolute treat for the tastebuds, just like a glass of fine champagne.

Due to its location on Melbourne’s beloved Chapel St, Morris Jones is well known for its nightlife. However, with the release of their new lunch menu, which will be served every Friday to Sunday, the organisers hope to attract a new crowd of champagne loving Melbourne foodies into their versatile venue.

In-keeping with Morris Jones’ renowned hospitality, the seasonal new menu preview left nothing to be desired. Commencing with a series of small appetisers consisting of fresh oyster topped with champagne granita, salt ’n’ vinegar chips, and warm crusty bread with honey salted caramel butter. The best thing about the set of “delicacies” was that I just could not get enough of it. The champagne granita left a trace of icy sweet champagne on the tongue, instead of the usual oceanic taste of oyster. Chef Matthew Butcher had also eliminated the greasy feeling of the classic salt ‘n’ vinegar chips, by replacing traditional potatoes with native Saltbush leaves, making it an even more addictive snack. However, the highlight of the appetiser was the honey salted caramel butter: the sweet and salty flavour of the butter was so fun and immersive that one could easily forget to eat it with bread.

Morris Jones Moet & Chandon Lunch THE F 9

Entrées served were salmon, quail or two different types of salad. As an avid fan of seafood, I of course chose the “champagne poached salmon”. Encased in a glass dome, mysteriously swirling with a thin veil of smoke, the entrée made a dramatic entrance, to say the least. Served with a side of crisp compressed cucumber slices, creamy honey puree and sprinkled with candied chilli and yuzu seeds, the champagne poached salmon was all about contrasting various textures. A enjoyable theme that continued throughout the rest of the menu.

Morris Jones Moet & Chandon Lunch THE F 10

From the selection of five different main dishes, ranging from mushroom risotto to O’Connor’s beef fillet, I chose the “Otway Crispy Pork”. Much to my delight, the dish, served on a bed of wilted kale surrounded by Cloudy Bay clams, made its very own theatrical entrance as the waiter poured the dashi broth over the sprinkling of prawn popcorn, making them snap, crackle and pop atop the crunchy pork crackling. The effect really did remind one of popping open a champagne bottle, and hearing the exciting fizzle of the bubbles as it’s poured into a glass.

The exciting meal is then concluded with either a slice of “Le Délice triple cream cheese” with a side of caramelised honey, or a violet crumble made up of crunchy golden honeycomb, drops of chocolate ganache and a scoop of violet ice cream, complete with an alluring wisp of nitrogen fog.

As a whole, Matthew Butcher’s new lunch menu is a wonderful salute to the luxurious experience of drinking a glass of Moët & Chandon, perfect for a special weekend treat. As for the atmosphere, Morris Jones can cater to both the happy sunshine lovers as well as the modern art gallery admirers, with their choice of indoor or outdoor courtyard settings.

Pay them a visit at 163 Chapel St., Windsor.

Morris Jones Moet & Chandon Lunch THE F 10

Morris Jones Moet & Chandon Lunch THE F 9

Morris Jones Moet & Chandon Lunch THE F 8
Morris Jones Moet & Chandon Lunch THE F 5

Morris Jones Moet & Chandon Lunch THE F 4

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