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8 must-see spots of any Australian open-sea adventure

Perhaps you’re in the market for a new boat, or you’re a boat owner in need of some inspiration and time away. Australia is surrounded by seas – it’s a most perfect place to venture by boat – and if you choose to travel the watery way, you’ve got an endless array of areas to seek.

Below are eight must-see spots which should be near the top of any boat lover’s itinerary.

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Island in the sun

Imagine yourself at the helm of a gleaming vessel, powering through the sparkling seas.

You take the plunge and purchase a stylish power catamaran for sale online. I’m sure the first thing you imagine is mooring off the coast of a small island, with white sand and unending sunshine.

Queensland’s Whitsundays are a fantastic way to acquaint yourself with your new boat. Take your pick from any number of idyllic, sun-drenched spots and move on in your own time. There are so many islands, you can afford to stay by a new one each day!

Ride a southerly

Tasmania is jam-packed with exciting sightseeing and sailing options for sea-hands of all levels. From the maddening swells of Storm Bay at the mouth of the Derwent River, to the calm, heavenly blue of Wineglass Bay, there’s a piece of the Tasmanian coastline calling your name.

Tasmania’s wild west coast has many untouched and pristine wilderness areas – including some of the only temperate rainforest left on the planet.

NSW South Coast

Eden, Bermagui, Jervis Bay. These are just three place names out of dozens of water-fronted wonderlands you can visit on the south coast of New South Wales. This stretch of the coast boasts some of Australia’s (and the world’s) finest beaches – with the whitest sand!

Hyams Beach has been acknowledged as having the world’s whitest sand. Drop your anchor and find out if it’s as white as they claim. You can find Hyams Beach midway between Vincentia and Jervis Bay.

Top end

The Northern Territory and Gulf of Carpentaria offer a unique perspective of the Australian continent’s more northerly latitudes. Sparsely populated and punctuated by vivid colours, flavours and characters, the Top End rewards intrepid sea-adventurers.

Make sure to read up on local conditions, and wear sun protection. The water may look beautiful, but saltwater crocodiles are both real and deadly.

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Western Australia’s northern coastline forms the great green and orange heartland known as the Kimberley. From the open water, it blinks out in vivid colour against the blue of the endless sea. With well-known and loved towns like Broome and Derby to explore and base your adventures around, the Kimberley offers an endless array of exploring options.

Western Victoria

Often overlooked for the more glamorous and more well-known end of the Great Ocean Road, western Victoria is a great place to explore from the comfort of your boat or ship. From Port Campbell to Warrnambool, from Port Fairy to Portland, there’s a rich history to explore, and hundreds of kilometres of coastline to trace. Inland, there are the delightful Grampians and a plethora or coastal walking trails which will help to reacquaint you with nature.

Busselton and Margaret River

Southern WA is filled with edible and intangible delights, spectacular surfing, and wonderful wines. If you’re looking for a sailing soiree with a difference, you’ve found your place.

Margaret River is a well-known town famed for its gourmet produce and the many wineries which dot the nearby countryside. Busselton, sitting on nearby Geographe Bay, is the perfect place to moor. There are plenty of accommodation options, local sights, and entertainment of various kinds.

Port Lincoln

If you’re tired of chasing the big fish on the open seas, take your chances and cast your sights (and your lines) on the place where the big fish live. Port Lincoln in South Australia is famous for its southern bluefin tuna industry, and for its high percentage of millionaires.

If you’re more interested in food and leisure than chasing big-tag fish, Port Lincoln is also a foodie heaven. Seafood is on the menu at just about every restaurant in town, and you won’t be disappointed by some of Australia’s freshest and tastiest local catch.

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