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7 tips a guy needs to wear all black this winter

Wearing black is one of those things that goes hand-in-hand with winter. 
Sure, it’s the fallback for the lazy dresser, but it’s also pretty sharp when you pull it off right. So here’s how…
How much black is ‘too much’?
You can never wear too much black and the shade is appropriate for any occasion – casual settings like walking in the park, going out to brunch – to formal settings like going on dates, having dinner, special events

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Wearing all black is easy yes, but does it mean you’re lazy?
Wearing all black doesn’t necessary mean you are lazy – especially if you want to look classic, clean, understated, neutral and effortlessly cool. 

How should a guy attempt an all-black outfit?
If you do want to go all black with your ensemble then opt to mix up the fabrics to add texture to your outfit. You could also try mixing different shades of black together which will also give depth and dimension to your look.

What’s the men’s alternative to the ‘little black dress’?
A great classic well fitted button up shirt and chinos to whip out for interviews, special occasion celebrations like birthdays and date night. Once you find a shirt and chinos that fit you perfectly I suggest purchasing multiples in all different colours.

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Should you always have a different colour or point of difference in an all black outfit?
If you want to add a feature colour to your outfit then go for a contrasting neutral like white or grey. This way you can still keep your look clean and not over the top.

How can you introduce prints to all black looks?
Opt for subtle prints like dots, checks in contrasting colours such as mid blue, red and white for shirts. Or choose a subtle print/texture on your accessories – ties, pocket squares, belts or hats.

What about shoes?
What colours and styles go best with the darker hues? Tan boots, Light grey brogues or boots with a suede finish, all white smart casual trainers

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