7 Things That Make Being A Man In Summer Suck

Summer in Australia is hard; that’s before you look at living in any of the capitals where the urban lifestyle just doesn’t mix with the climate of the country. It’s hotdry and can be humid, especially in Sydney and no one person is alone in the way they handle the heat, mugginess or dry insufferbility. There was some research put out recently that explored how much being a man in summer in the city while juggling your work life sucks and it nailed it on the head! The results are below…

LONG PANTS. Nearly a third (30%) hate having to wear long pants to work.

Long Pants

TIES. 1 in 5 hate having to wear a tie in the heat.

Men's neck ties

BEARDS AND THICK FACIAL HAIR. Beards and facial hair are an issue for nearly 10% of men.

Men's Beard

JUST GROOMING IN GENERAL! Nearly 1 in 10 struggle with grooming, complaining it’s impossible to style their hair.


FRIGGIN’ HUMIDITY! (looking at you, Sydney!) Three quarters (72%) of Australians is being left dripping with sweat before they’ve even left the house.

Sweaty Man

TOO HOT TO SLEEP. 56% of Aussies say it’s too hot to sleep at night during summer (even naked!)

Awake in bed

NO SEX; A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH! Sex is off the cards with over 1 in 10 claiming it’s too hot to sleep in the same bed as anyone else!



*Research was conducted by Pure Profile for Thinkinsulation on a sample of over 1,000 Australians nationwide.


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