7 Reasons Coffee Is Life According To Barista Orazio D’Elia

Coffee is life. Just ask any Melburnian. You’re hard done to find a cup that is brewed with just the right combination of love, caffeine and bitterness in anywhere but the cultural capital of Australia – or so most think – til you speak to some of the baristas and get to know the art in Sydney.

Orazio D’Elia of cafe Da Orazio in Bondi revealed the truth behind so many elements of Australian coffee culture you can’t help but agree with!

New Study Links Coffee Consumption To Reduction In Liver Disease

Why do people have such an infatuation with morning coffee?

Coffee is the pleasure of any morning. Vittoria coffee is the only option.

Without a morning kick-start, how do most people operate differently?

The right coffee ensures any day starts in the right way. Once anyone has enjoyed their morning cup, we’re ready for anything.

What are the benefits of a morning coffee hit?

A morning coffee hit is like premium petrol, it makes you run better. It’s like clearing the fog for a beautiful sunny day.

How has your love for coffee developed over the years?

I was never denied the last sip of coffee from my Mother’s cup, so ultimately it’s been a part of my life from a very young age.

What is the importance, if any, of coffee in a balanced diet?

As long as you have a balanced diet, coffee can assist you in achieving your goals for the day by giving you that extra little boost. It’s also said to reduce liver problem risks!

New Study Links Coffee Consumption To Reduction In Liver Disease

They say ’all things in moderation’ including coffee! What’s your motto?

Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Can you share three benefits of coffee at home versus coffee out and about?

    1. Coffee at home allows you to have it exactly how you like it.
    2. You can also enjoy it in total peace
    3. it’s a nice excuse for you to bring family & friends to your home.

How can you make the perfect espresso or cappuccino at home?

With the right tools:

  • Vittoria coffee of course
  • A first rate coffee machine like an Espressotoria machine like the one below!
  • And with passion!

ChalkboardCapino Esspressotoria



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  1. Amanda says:

    Too true! You don’t quite feel Melburnian until you develop a love of coffee!