6 ways beer can be better for you

Beer’s alright, hey? It’s fresh, bubbly, amore affordable alternative to cocktails (as good as they are) and now apparently, isn’t all that bad for you thanks to Heineken

Their latest brew is low carb, low calorie and with just as fresh a taste, so it’s not like you’re taking a hit on any front. 

1. The wedding day celebration. Want to enjoy your wedding day or that of your friends or family? You won’t want to peak too soon. You’ve dressed up for the occasion (we hope) so it’s time to act with some style to back it up. Take the lower-carb, mid-strength option like Heineken® 3 and get the most out of the celebrations including taking wedding selfies you might actually be happy with posting on social media.

2. The post-sweat reward. Been to the gym or recovering from an epic shopping trip and feel you’ve earned yourself a reward? Don’t worry about undoing all your hard work thanks to a great tasting lower-carb, lower-calorie beer Heineken® 3.

3. The long lunch staple. We all love a good long lunch. Keep your focus on the food you are enjoying with a great, easy-drinking complement to lunch where you can enjoy a long afternoon and be open to what the afternoon may bring.

Heineken tray

4. The stylish choice. Who says you have to default to a glass of champagne or sparkling to add a touch of style to a social occasion? If you want a laid-back easy drinking option, crack open a full flavoured mid-strength beer like Heineken® 3 and sip with style. Say cheers with a delicious ice cold beer and enjoy the bonus that it has lower calories and lower carbs.

5. Drinking doesn’t need to get out of hand. Sip away on a couple of mid-strength beers in mid-afternoon and enjoy a tasty treat that’ll get you ready for the evening ahead without feeling you’ve been (too) naughty. You’re in control – take it easy!

6. The date. Trying to make a good impression on a prospective love interest? Stay on top of your game and opt for a mid-strength. A great vibe to keep your chat flowing rather than floundering, to guarantee another date (if you’ve found the spark of course…)

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