6 Top Tips To Throwing The Perfect Office Party

With Christmas around the corner, the time is night to get planning how to celebrate the end of each progressive longest year of your life. As long as you don’t look back.

Here are the 6 top things you need to consider when throwing the office party to end all office parties!

The Personal Touch

Branded balloons, decorations and other party favours are a great way to get people into the party spirit. You could even choose a brightly coloured banner to make the occasion festive. Consider branding the balloons with your company’s logo, or slogan to create a personal touch. Companies that specialise in promotional products such as Adcall offer a great selection of products that you can customise for your business’s party needs.

Leave work at the door

Office parties are a time to relax and have fun, not to continue business. As soon as the close of the day rang, your employees have likely mentally clocked off. Make sure to leave work at the door to help the celebratory mood sink in. The easiest way to do this is to hold the party at an external venue. Employees often feel stuck when they finish their day, but are still at the office to attend the office party.

Provide plenty of food and drinks

Nothing is worse than a party that runs out of food and drink, or a party that doesn’t serve a wide variety of delicious goodies. Make sure you supply a variety of food and drink to suit a number of different tastes. You neither want to leave the guests hungry, nor have the trays remain full because the food looked unappetising. It’s also a good idea to check if your employees have special diets or allergies before organising catering.

Create a festive atmosphere

The atmosphere of any party can change anyone’s mood. Create a festive atmosphere by decorating according to theme, and providing appropriate music and entertainment. People will respond positively if they notice that the time has been taken to provide a great party atmosphere.

Consider activities

Activities can lift the ambiance of any party. Consider the attendees and the place and time of the party. Will your guests join in if you plan activities? Will your guests appreciate things to do at the party, or are they happy to stand around socialising? Gauge the crowd and consider adding funny games to the entertainment list. Consider activities that do not require too much effort, and won’t leave the participants embarrassed, or upset.

Party favours

Everyone likes free gifts. Provide your guests with party favours to take home that they can enjoy later on. Party favours are a great way to leave your guests feeling satisfied and happy with the overall night. Party favours can be anything from chocolates, to vouchers, to stationary, to silly gifts. Whatever you choose keep it relevant and sure to satisfy everyone.

Planning a party is as much about the theme as it is about the guests. Ensure you keep all aspects in mind when planning your office party to make it perfect!


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