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6 tips to incorporating the winter chill into your next event’s festivities

Winter is a wonderful time to host an event.

Unlike summer or even spring, winter has the benefit of having next to no flying, crawling or jumping insects around anywhere, and also the lack of heat allows for some creative heating solutions. Hiring a marquee for your next event is a good idea, as a marquee acts as a portable “indoors” area, capable of being heated and thwarting unannounced rain. For more of these priceless suggestions for your next winter shindig, read on.


Outdoor bonfires are great both as forms of entertainment and as sources of heat.

On a cold, clear day this year, consider inviting friends around and getting a fire going in the backyard. All the joys of camping, like roasting marshmallows and making s’mores can be packed into your backyard, without any of the hassle of sleeping in tents and driving for hours on end. Bonfires make use of the cold to draw people in, and there’s something hypnotic about a roaring fire that can’t be emulated elsewhere.

Spiced cocktails

If a more “adult” event is what you’ve got planned, alcohol will likely be on the minds of your guests.

This allows you to get creative with the kinds of alcohol on offer to your friends and family, and spiced cocktails are the way to go when it comes to warming up your guests. There are many recipes for spiced cocktails, ranging from the genuinely hot, like eating a whole chilli at once, to the toasty and warm, more like a cinnamon and hot chocolate mug.

Hot food

Your guests will love your party regardless, but when there’s food available, all the more.

Hot food on offer for guests is a great way to warm them up while filling them up at the same time. A nice selection of foods can make a good party great, and things that are easy to eat with your hands, like pizza, are all the better. Have a selection with meat, without meat, and suitable for vegans and celiacs if possible, and you’ve got yourself a great selection for everyone to enjoy.

Outdoor movie night

An outdoor movie night might seem a bit daunting when the temperatures are hitting the single digits, but with the right number of blankets and soft cushions your movie night can be cozy with a hint of crisp, thanks to the cold night air. All that’s needed is a projector and a temporary screen, but even a side of a house can work provided the angle is acceptable to your guests.

Park barbecue

A park barbecue is traditionally a summer event, resplendent with cold drinks and warm sunshine, but a clear, cold day can be just as fun with the right company, food, and location. Many parks have barbecues that are near covered gazebos, and having a sit-down lunch at one of these for a small group of people is entirely possible. The hot food and thermos’ of hot drinks can really add a winter charm to this summer classic.

Old-fashioned dinner party

An old-fashioned dinner party, where people get dressed up nicely and there are candles on a long table, can be a lot of fun when thrown in the dead of winter. Invite your friends around, make a roast and a small entree and you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun wining and dining with your closest friends, without any of the pressure of a formal dinner party.

These winter suggestions make summer events seems drab in comparison, and now is the perfect time to get one planned and going before spring jumps in and starts packing up the chilly days.


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