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6 tech platforms to make money out of Christmas

With Christmas nearly upon us, Australians have been hitting the shops to make sure they have a jolly good time this season. Seafood BBQ selection with all the trimmings, our favourite tipple on tap and of course – the presents! But for all the festive fun, it can also bring for many Australians dreaded debt-lag that follows trying to make it a special time.

Frivolous Christmas shoppers are expected to run up credit card debts of $56 billion this season, that’s an average of $3,342 per person in Australia. However, the good news is there are tech platforms that can actually help you make money out of Christmas! Here are some top tips on how to cut the cost of debt this festive season so you can potentially sail through the New Year debt free. 

  1. Make money! – This time of year the sharing economy is booming. If you have spare time you can pet sit or dog walk with Mad Paws or deliver parcels and Christmas presents on Zoom2u. If it’s spare assets you have, marketplaces like Spacer helps you make money off unutilised space like your empty garage and Camplify will allow you to rent out your spare caravan, motorhome or RV. You can double your second income during December and January due to high demand on these services and make up to $1,000 extra cash a month!
  2. Shop smarter – When gift buying go online to find the best deals. Browse from the broad selection where e-retailers hold high stock levels and allows for easier price comparisons opposed to crawling through busy shopping centres for the best deals. You’ll also be avoiding inconveniences such as parking and restricted trading times. Sites like offer great discounted prices on top Christmas gifts.
  3. Track your spend – There are many apps that allow you to track your spend. PocketBook, is free and allows you to track your expenses and work our your monthly spend and budget. You can also set limits to help you stick to your budget! The best thing is it will allow you to connect with your bank to help you track your income and expenses automatically.
  4. Bring a dish – If you’re hosting a large annual gathering make sure you buy food and beverages in bulk to save. Look at large wholesalers or go to your local farmer’s market where buying in bulk can help you lower costs, especially on non perishable items all year round. Also most people have a signature dish they love to make. Why not ask guests to each bring along a dish, even if it’s a cheese board or dessert to enjoy everyone’s speciality.
  5. Gift hacking – Dependant on the size of your party suggest a Kris Kringle to avoid buying individual gifts or alternatively agree on a spending limit which not only helps you but others stick to a tight budget!
  6. Check your credit – If you are using credit cards, review your card to check that you have a good interest rate. If not, switch to a low-rate card. Also make use of your loyalty cards by earning points to potentially redeem dollars off or receive promotional gifts during your next shop.

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