5th Tokyo In Melbourne Brings The Best Of Japan To You

Walking into a white space and seeing cherry blossoms suspended from the roof, you’d believe you were walking through a Japanese gyoen (garden) which is exactly what the team at The Fifth Co. envisioned for their Tokyo collection launch party.

The Tokyo theme was no accident, it was there to highlight their absolutely fantastic new watch collection inspired by Tokyo, it’s life, it’s chaos and the simplicity you find in the bustle. Co-designed with up and coming designer Adam Lynch, The Fifth Co. created a minimal watch that makes a statement without needing to be too loud.

The collection consists of five timepieces, each watch inspired by the five seasons of Japan. Summer, autumn winter, spring and the rainy season, or ‘Tsuyu’. The watches encompass the season through its colours and composition.

The Fifth Co. is an emerging Melbourne based brand that favours the idea of simplicity and luxe. With a focus on lifestyle and fashion, their pieces which consist predominately of watches and newly added bags speak volumes with a huge Insta following and a big social media presence, the brands outlook is to inspire and be inspired by the world we live in, the cities we wander and the places we go.

The Co founders Alex McBride and Gretta Van Riel, were two good mates with an idea, Alex brining the vision and Gretta the entrepreneurial flare, they created what started off as a small Melbourne based watch brand, and turned into a worldwide lifestyle brand. Now with a team of 15, they are able to watch their business grow creating new and improved concepts and designs, one of which is their newest watch collection: The Tokyo Collection.

The Tokyo Collection is launched to the public on September 5th along with their Melbourne and New York collections.

Photography exclusively for THE F by Warren McColl Jones. 

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