5 winter traveller’s tips for visiting Australia’s style capital, Melbourne

In Melbourne, winter is never a good reason not to go out.

It makes sense really, given the changeable nature of its weather and climate. Nevertheless, during the colder months, art and culture in the city seem to explode. As temperatures drop, people don’t stop enjoying outdoor activities, but they do embrace more theatre, gallery shows, and comedy nights.

In winter, Melbourne comes alive with coffee shop culture, museum exhibits, artisanal shopping, and so much more. If you visit at this time of year, you also get to enjoy lower rates on things like accommodation. As it is an off-peak season, the price of serviced apartments in Melbourne is very appealing indeed.

It is just one of many reasons why winter is a great time to visit this majestic city. Keep reading for more travel inspiration.

Clement weather

For locals, the drop in temperature can be a very chilly surprise.

However, if you’re not used to the scorching temperatures which Australia usually experiences, you’ll probably find the winter weather very comfortable. The heat is much more bearable and there are some truly epic sunsets at this time of year. So, even if you are keen to check out some indoor culture, don’t forget to catch at least one natural show.

Autumn leaves above skyscrapers in Southbank, Melbourne.

Secret laneways

In Melbourne, the locals get to enjoy what is known as ‘laneway’ culture.

This is because much of the city is laid out in a kind of meandering, winding fashion. It means that it is a wonderful place to explore. You never quite know what you’re going to find when you go wandering. Wander you must, however, because some of the best coffee shops and restaurants in Melbourne are hidden away in curious corners.

Ovolo Laneways Hotel Melbourne Penthouse Suite - THE F - Warren McColl Jones 5

Amazing markets

The Queen Victoria Winter Night Market runs from June to August.

It features live music, tonnes of boutique stalls, some amazing street snacks, and all the mulled wine and hot cider you can fit in your belly. There are even open fires in some places, so you can sip your cocoa, chat with locals, and soak up the unique Melburnian atmosphere. If you fancy a hipper crowd, head down to the Batman Night Market at Coburg North.

South Melbourne Night Market THE F 4

Plenty of sport

In winter, the locals go mad for AFL.

Tickets for the games are surprisingly cheap too at between $15-20. So, catching a game is an exciting and affordable way to spend an evening. Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, it is worth it for the incredible atmosphere and the chance to people watch in one of the greatest cities on the planet. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a pie – it’s a tradition!


Melbourne Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival takes place in the winter (from July to August).

It stretches over seventeen days of movies, workshops, presentations, and activities. The tickets are surprisingly cheap for a showcase of this size and the chance to catch brand new films before the rest of the world. The festival always presents movies from big-name directors, but the smaller, local productions come highly recommended too.

Why Melbourne is an all year ’round destination 

For many tourists, Melbourne is a summer destination.

These people are missing out on some major treats though because the city is a thriving, lively metropolis all year round. If you want to beat the crowds, grab great rates on accommodation, and see a side of Australia which might surprise you, don’t limit your travels to one season. Take a winter trip and prepare to be entranced.

Melbourne International Flower Garden Festival MIFGS THE F 20

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