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5 ways to reclaim the comfort of your lounge

We live life at a frantic pace, filled with appointments, bookings, to-ing and fro-ing; Unsurprisingly, we appear to be more stressed than ever before! One of the key suggestions to chilling out more is to find a way to de-stress.

For many people, de-stressing -or, chilling out- comes quite naturally. Chuck on an episode of something on Netflix, grab a bowl of popcorn and the worries melt away faster than an ice cream on a summer’s day. But for other people, anxiety and obligation seem ever-present; a key component of our daily life, and something that we have to rail hard against in order to not let it consume us.

But no matter whether you find it easy to chill out, or find it hard to wind down, we think that one of the biggest factors in being able to chill out is having a good spot to relax in. We all have a lounge room of some sort in our homes, and we suggest that you need to reclaim the comfort of your lounge, and make it your new go-to spot for getting some me time. Here are five easy tips for making your lounge a chill haven.

Get the furniture sorted

Want to know the easiest way to relax? In a recliner!

Whether your fancy runs to leather reclining chairs or you’re more of a fabric furniture person, you’ll find your troubles oozing away from you as soon as your legs flip up in front of you.

Set the ambience

Do you have any indoor plants?

If you don’t, you should. Studies have shown that plants are proven to de-stress an environment and are a key part of building the soothing atmosphere that we crave so dearly in our homes. The plants you choose should be suited to the indoor conditions of your home, and you can choose from a range of plants including ferns, palms and other hardy indoor varietals.

Get your lighting right 

One of the biggest contributors to a headache is the wrong kind of lighting.

Set the mood with a soft lamp, or change your harsher bulbs out for a softer glow. You’ll find that a yellow bulb is much softer and better for the environment than a white light, so get smart with the light and relax easier with soft glows instead of harsh fluorescents.

Declutter your home 

A huge contributor to stress in the home is clutter and mess.

If you’re someone who finds it difficult to keep a clean house, then you’ll just have to be harder on yourself. Sadly, there is no easy quick fix to keeping a clean home. However, with a good routine and little bit of discipline, your blood pressure won’t be rising every time you see an unholy mess on your bedroom floor – because there won’t be one.
Aim for ambiance

Think of a tranquil environment.

Imagine what it looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like. Now look around at your living room, and see how you could transform this space into your perfect chill zone. Maybe it’s a matter of getting some scented candles for your mantlepiece, hanging some artwork to add to the mood of the area, or getting some soft throws for the living room to snuggle up in. You might even consider getting a rug for that soft feeling underfoot.

Whatever it is that you need to do to reclaim the comfort of your lounge we hope that these tips have gone some way towards giving you more of an idea how to go about things. Remember, it’s all about the details and about making sure that you put your comfort above all else.

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