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5 trouble-free tips for moving out

One of the most stressful occasions in our lives, moving house is a flurry of activity.

From wrapping, packing and dusting, to cleaning, mopping and lifting, moving homes is a trial of our physical and mental capabilities and can tear apart even the most level of tempers.

The following five tips are designed to keep your move trouble-free (and your back unharmed!).

Sparkle motion

One of the most thankless and unending tasks involved in a house move is the final, deep clean.

This is the cleaning event where you inevitably discover that you’re cleaning skills are not as well-honed as you’d like. It’s also a time when you’re likely to find inches of dust, ephemera, and colonies of dead (and live) creepy crawlies.

End-of-lease cleaning is a service offered by Whizz Melbourne in order to take the stress and pain out of your move. Rather than spending your precious time scrubbing the shower screen, an expert will come to your home and clean from top-to-bottom, leaving you free to deal with more important and less-messy issues. 

Utility ability

Another common stressor which comes as part of the parcel of moving house is the process of disconnecting and reconnecting utilities – especially if there is a transferral of account name. Many utility providers now insist on you signing a timed contract, meaning that you’re liable to pay exit fees if you disconnect before the end date of the contract.

Make sure you read the fine print on your current utility bills. Another option is to use the services of an umbrella utility connection company (like connectnow) who will transfer all your services across to providers in your new neighbourhood – saving you the time and energy involved in making multiple phone calls to utility companies.

Batch dispatch

It’s always a good idea to divide up the seemingly never-ending workload of your move.

In order to do this, break up your items into small batches that can be transported by car ahead of time. If you can arrange and organise yourself in such a way, it’s possible to have half of the move already completed before moving day, leaving you extra time to clean, repair and perform other time-intensive tasks.

Batch moving also helps you to track and locate particular items. If you move all your small kitchen items in one batch, you will know where they are, and you’ll know where to place and unpack them in your new house.

Ahead of the times

Planning your move with a generously proportioned timetable is a sensible gesture. Using a timetable and packing well in advance will save you from any last minute rushes and will enable you to better organise your possessions. It also allows you to evaluate your possessions and decide whether to keep or rehome items – with the option to organise a garage sale or swap in order to make a bit of extra money.

Call a professional

By the time the day arrives where you’re moving your possessions from one house to another, you’re going to be so tired already that the act of moving heavy items will seem insurmountable. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to look at professional movers. Moving companies are aimed at all ends of the budget spectrum – from small moves with every item already packed and ready to go, to full-service moves including packing up and packing down.

A house move is an action-packed, all-systems-go event which can made less-stressful by careful planning, and precautions. Don’t be afraid to call in experts for help in cleaning, scrubbing and shifting heavy items. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your new house, not be in a recovery ward!

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