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5 tips for revitalising your home life

When you’ve lived in one place for a long time, it can often become tiresome to wake up every day in the same surroundings. A once interesting and whimsical array of furniture and decorations fades into the background, and it becomes a real effort to appreciate your home for what it once was. This is both the upside and the downside to houses, because at once they are familiar and safe, but they are also boring and bland.

In much the same way as replacing all of your old mattresses with koala mattresses is a good idea, revitalising your home is a good idea, and in this article we’ve assembled 5 tips for revitalising your home life in order to turn your bland, ageing corner of the world into a fresh, exciting, and comfortable place to live.


Updating your furniture once a decade might be a little too often for some people, so in the interests of a refreshed household without the burden of an empty wallet, rearranging your furniture becomes an attractive option. Changing your rooms around can completely change how you see your house, and can also open up new possibilities using areas you never used before.

Colour change

If you own your own home, editing the layout in the form of renovation can be tempting, but many are dissuaded by the associated costs, not to mention living in an active building site for months, if not years.

To get a similar finished effect without the hassle, painting your interior can offer a new breath of life into your cozy home, and open up new design opportunities. Carefully plan out your colours, however, as if a colour clashes with another, you will notice it every day until it changes again. The same amount of thought and planning should go into painting the interior as goes into renovation.


Many homes have a mixup of furniture accrued over the years, with modern couches, slightly worn armchairs and an actual antique dining table. The urge to hang onto older items of furniture and decoration may linger from younger years when money was more of an issue, but casting aside those relics of financial servitude in favour of an aesthetically pleasing setup can totally overhaul the visuals of your home, not to mention the feel of it. Coordinating your furniture and decorations can unify everything, making it easier to clean and tidy than before.

Sleep patterns

If you are seeing your home through tired eyes and a weary body, you may not appreciate it in the ways you once did. Replacing your old mattress with a newer one can radically improve your quality of sleep, and modern mattresses are designed to help your posture improve over time, which adds another reason why updating your bed might be the way to revitalise your home.

Diet overhaul

Following the idea of “turning your gaze toward yourself” to find ways to re-energise your home life, a change in diet can make all the difference in the world. Your energy levels and perception rely on the amount of nutrients your body is taking in, and your stomach only monitors hunger, not nutrient intake. A meal of potato chips and dip might be delicious, and fine on occasion, but your body won’t get the nutrients it needs if that’s all you’re giving it to work with. Incorporating vegetables and protein can really re-energise you, which can allow you to see your home in a better light.

These are some easy ways to revitalise your home life, and they can all be done with relatively little effort and planning, however doing all of them can lead to a totally new lease on life.


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