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5 tips for livening up your outdoor areas

Australia is a country of outdoor dwellers.

We love spending time in our yards with friends and family. When the summer weather arrives, everybody sets up their garden furniture on the patio and the hazy, lazy afternoon cookouts begin. It is one of the reasons why many Australians dread the transition into winter.

When temperatures drop, some parts of the country get too chilly for al fresco entertaining. The patios get emptier and the parties move indoors. Yet, what if there was a way to create a stylish outdoor space with all year round features? With a sturdy patio heater, for example, you can keep entertaining well into those colourful autumn evenings.

Keep reading for some tips and ideas on how to create an all year round entertaining space out of your deck or patio.

Invest in outdoor heating 

While backyard transformations don’t have to cost much at all, it is worth investing in a high-quality outdoor heating system. It is the easiest way to ensure that your patio stays fully functional all year round. There are some great eco-friendly patio heaters on the market. They are very affordable and many use radiant distribution, rather than convective fans, to warm up small to medium spaces. This lowers operating costs and means that they have a minimal impact on the environment.

Use creative, stylish lighting

These days, outdoor lighting is every bit as stylish as indoor fixtures can be.

You can pick up everything from patio chandeliers to replica street lamps, wall lanterns, and more. Delicate touches like fairy lights strung from tree branches and soft, diffused post lamps add plenty of illumination while maintaining that romantic, summery mood.

Make a big entrance 

If you’re a big fan of hosting garden parties and backyard shindigs, it is a good idea to incorporate some practical thinking into your design. Most homes open up onto their patios, so it should be pretty easy to carry supplies back and forth. However, you might want to consider details like an outdoor rug, so that guests can move in and out with their shoes off. Or, you could hang a security screen on the back door, in order to keep bugs out but make sure that access to the house stays open.

Opt for narrow furniture 

Even if you have a particularly large deck or patio, it is important to leave lots of space for moving around. This is why narrow furniture is a better choice. For outdoor dining spaces, pick out a table set which is longer than it is wide. Similarly, if you’d rather create a lounging space than a dining area, look at narrow couches and daybeds. You can install two at either side of the patio and still have plenty of room to make it back and forth from the house to the garden.

Grow something beautiful 

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to liven up a patio is with greenery.

Use all of the outdoor space, not just the lawn and the areas around it. Potted plants look spectacular when they bloom in the summer and, being in containers, they can be easily brought inside if they start to struggle during colder weather. For a patio which smells fragrant all year round, add some robust herbs like coriander, rocket, and thyme.

Why you should enjoy your patio all year round

With a reliable heat source and sturdy furniture, there’s no reason why you can’t keep entertaining well into the autumn and winter. Most Australians are lucky enough to live in regions which rarely get icy cold, but a few simple tweaks to an outdoor space ensures that it can be enjoyed no matter what the time of year.

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