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5 things you need in your gym bag

You can’t get away with not going to the gym anymore. People secretly judge you and actually going truly does make you feel better about yourself, so making sure you have the right tools in your bag to get you there, through and back is vital. Here’s a breakdown of what the pros use…

A bag

You’ll need one. Try this one from Boohoo Man. It’s easy and nylon. Get it here for $30.

Men gym backpack bag


If you’re genuinely putting in effort, you’ll need this afterwards to ward off those evil smell spirits. No Pong is free from aluminium, parabens and hidden nasties, the gender-neutral citrus-floral blend rubs in clear and is available nation-wide in a monthly subscription for $8.95. Get it here.

No Pong deodourant


So your knees don’t give out and you look #fitnessgoals like the rest of the people in the gym, you’ll need some trendy kicks. Try these new Fresh Foam Vongo shoes by New Balance for $240. Get them here.

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo $240

A towel

The latest microfibre towel by Toska Active dries six times faster than any other towel, rolls-up into a tiny little scroll to fit in even the most limited of space in gym bags and is ideal for everything from the gym, to the beach and anything in-between. They come in four colours – green, blue, white and pink – are perfect for spring and summer, and a pretty funky print, because why not? They come-in at $39.95.

Keep track of it all

If you didn’t track your calories burnt, did you even exercise? The new Huawei Watch 2 does all that and more in a nifty new 21st century kind of way. It has:

  • High-definition AMOLED display
  • Multiple sensors and advanced algorithms to provide the user with health and fitness solutions
  • Mobile payment technology via Android Pay
  • Android Wear 2.0 intelligent operating system
  • IP68 Water & Dust Resistance

Get it for $599 from Vodafone.

Huawei Watch 2

Something to wash it all off with

Hitting the showers after your sweat session? You’ll need this to keep your face fresh and looking good. Don’t forget sweat can attract grime, which clogs pores and ruins your face. This avoids all that. Get it here.

Obagi face wash gentle cleanser


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