5 Tech Advanced Hotels To Stay To Embrace Your Geekiness

The day to embrace your geekiness is nigh on 13 July and so to celebrate the nerdiness hidden away in all of us, Booking.com has come-up with the 5 places around the world to stay on holiday to indulge your inner tech-lover. From sleep assisting technology to magical iPhone door keys, guests can get as geeky as they want at any one of these properties…

Eccleston Square Hotel, United Kingdom

Set in the heart of central London, this cutting edge hotel hosts a variety of technological goodies. Featuring complimentary smartphones (for the duration of your stay) and in-room iPads that allow guests to control the lighting, curtains, music and television, guests will be sure to embrace their inner geek come July 13. Perfect for a relaxing getaway, the rooms are filled with sleep assisting technologies such as Hastens massage beds, espresso machines and a hidden television in the bathroom mirror.

Ecclestone Square Hotel

Ecclestone Square Hotel 2

Hotel 1000, USA

With an abundance of geeky tech fun, this stunning waterfront hotel is comfortably nestled in the heart of downtown Seattle. For utmost comfort, all rooms have smart climate control settings that adjust the temperature to be perfect for guests and built-in infrared detectors sense body heat to alert housekeeping staff when a room is occupied. Geeky golfers can also work on their swing in the hotel’s virtual golf course.

Hotel 1000 2

Hotel 1000

citizenM New Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rated as one of Amsterdam’s most loved hotels by guests, citizenM offers tech savvy accommodation and an ideal location. Each room is equipped with an iPad mini that is able to control the room mood, climate, television and curtains. Not only does this hotel host an abundance of technology, it’s also a short five minute walk from Amsterdam Zuid Railway Station, making it the ideal base for people wanting to explore the beautiful city whilst embracing their inner geek.


CitizenM 2

Montage Beverly Hills, USA

Situated in one of the most famous postcodes in the world is this tech-forward luxury resort. From rooms with remote controlled lights and curtains to bathroom mirrors made from fog-free glass, this property is a geeky haven. Perfect for environmentally conscious geeks, Montage Beverly Hills uses energy efficient lighting, heating and air conditioners. They have also recently installed elevators that use 50 per cent less energy than conventional elevators.    

Montage Hotel 2

Montage Hotel


Hotel Blow Up Hall 5050, Poland

This exciting hotel features a modern design to ensure guests have the most unique experience. Perfect for geeks who are passionate about art, Blow Up Hall is proud of its strong artistic foundations and features such as its interactive digital art installation. With technology at the forefront of this hotel, there is no hotel reception and no room numbers. Instead, guests are given an iPhone, which navigates them to their room and acts as their room key.

Hotel Blow Up 3

Hotel Blow Up


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