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5 steps toward a more lavish outdoors

There was a time when the backyard was a place you would only venture into at weekends to do a little gardening and tidying up when necessary. The garden was just a piece of land tacked onto your house that you felt obliged to keep looking tidy just so that the neighbours wouldn’t complain.

But nowadays it’s different.

Most homeowners want their homes and their backyards to work for them and their families and to that end the backyard has become more like an outdoors extension, an extra room to serve as whatever you want it to be. It could be a play area for the kids or an outdoor spa and relaxation place for the grown-ups.

More importantly, the backyard has become a reflection of the homeowner’s personality.

If you are looking to change your outdoor space into something more luxurious here’s some landscaping ideas and inspiration that hopefully could help you to transform your backyard into the garden of your dreams.

Invest in quality seating

One of the joys in life is sitting in your own garden and relaxing either by yourself reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine with friends. Your garden furniture should be comfortable and of the best quality you can afford. Embellish with scatter cushions and soft merino wool throws for those cooler evenings.

Give your garden a night-time glow

The right sort of lighting is essential for adding an ambient glow to your evening garden. Solar lights are the easiest option but these can be dim and short-lived. Electric lighting is the best option especially if you want to highlight any special features in your backyard or even beyond. Small trees, statues and ornamental plants look amazing when given their own spotlighting.

Harmonise your planting

When you have a hotchpotch arrangement of pots and plants in your garden, this can look incredibly messy. Harmony can bring a touch of style to your backyard. A simple way to do this is to use the same plant in a collection of pots. For instance, white Agapanthus looks striking even if you have a load of pots of differing sizes and appearance.

Feature palms, big-leafed plants or bamboos are wonderful for framing a particular area and are a great way to harmonise your backyard with the nature around it. A great way to bring nature into your backyard is with the addition of a beautiful bird house.

The soothing sound of water

If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard big enough for a swimming pool then this has to be at the top of the list when it comes to luxury features. However, even the smallest of spaces can incorporate a water feature of some description.

You could have a small solar powered feature on a stone plinth or a mini waterfall with a small pond at the bottom. This is a great way to add interest to your backyard and the added benefit is that you could attract wildlife to your garden such as frogs and dragonflies.

Add a garden building

The humble garden shed is no more – unless you really need one to store your tools of course. Homeowners nowadays though prefer to showcase their backyard with the addition of a pretty pergola or rotunda to sit underneath, or with a pool house for luxury lounging and entertainment. A garden building can easily be turned into a luxury spa retreat with the addition of a hot-tub, scented candles and soft lighting.

With strategic lighting and clever landscaping designed with minimal maintenance in mind it is easier than you think to achieve your own luxurious backyard retreat. Just remember to get the right professional advice and you can’t go wrong!

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