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5 recreational hobbies for the man with taste

Playing five-a-side and hanging out down the pub with your mates is all well and good, but for a man with style there are some more sophisticated past-times out there. In fact, there are a wealth of opportunities for the man with taste to indulge in some altogether more civilised hobbies. Allow us to present to you a few alternative past-times for the modern man who likes to enjoy the old-fashioned charms of these delightful diversions.


Hunting was a favoured hobby of gentleman from times gone by, whether that be big game in Africa or grouse in the local forests. However, even if you don’t like the idea of shooting at living creatures, there are still plenty of other forms of marksmanship you can try. Clay pigeon shooting or target shooting are both popular options and you should be able to find lessons in one or the other near you. Who knows, maybe you could make it to the next Olympics!


Gambling is not an Olympic sport yet, although maybe it should be! Many people feel intimidated when they walk into a casino for the first time, but just a bit of practice online will make you comfortable with any game you encounter in a land-based casino. Aussies do however have an extremely tough time right now finding accepting online casinos, with homegrown options like the acclaimed dunder casino no longer serving people from Australia due to the legal situation. We would therefore recommend only playing online if you’re outside of the country.

Blackjack and roulette are easy to learn, but make sure to familiarise yourself with the best betting strategy. Learn the classy game of Baccarat and solve the mysteries of the confusing Craps table. This is one hobby where the more time you put in, the more money you get out!

Whisky tasting

If you are still mixing your whisky with Red Bull or Coke then perhaps it’s time you tutored your taste-buds with some whisky tasting classes. There are whisky tasting events all over the world, where you can learn to distinguish your Scotch from your Bourbon and your grain from your malt. Re-educate your palate and discover your new favourite drink at the same time, as whisky truly is the gentleman’s tipple.


Every man of refinement should be able to shake a leg when the occasion demands it. Whether you prefer the debonair stylings of ballroom dancing or the sexy moves of the Samba, nothing impresses the opposite sex like a man who can dance. Not only is dancing a great sociable pastime, it also provides a fantastic work-out at the same time. Check out a local school to take those first steps.


If team sports aren’t your thing, and you don’t fancy pounding the pavement, doing laps in the pool or getting your nose squashed in the ring, then why not try a more gentile form of combat. Fencing is an all-action sports which rewards fast reflexes and even faster thinking. It’s kind of like chess, but with long pointy swords. Although it may not look like the most energetic of sports, fencing provides combatants with a great upper-body workout, as well as being probably the most sophisticated combat sport on the planet.

Hopefully the suggestions outlined above will give you food for thought, and perhaps inspire you to do some investigating in your local area. It’s easy to go with the flow, but there is great reward to be had from trying something different. Even if none of our examples appeal, there are a wealth of similar activities out there for your consideration. Be your own man and explore something new and different this weekend.

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