5 Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and that’s something that is sure to prompt panic among offspring right throughout Australia. This is one of those classic occasions that creeps up on us and where, before we realise it, we suddenly need to conjure a present from thin air, having not budgeted for it. It can’t be something rubbish either. This is your Mum, after all.

So, what should you do? How do you let Mum know you love her without breaking the bank? Here’s five amazing gifts for Mother’s Day that won’t even set you back more than $20…


A good photograph doesn’t cost the earth – but it’ll certainly be treasured and displayed on the wall for years and years to come. It’s a gift that captures a moment or a memory forever and brings great joy. A print or canvas would look great on your Mum’s wall. Get a new family picture taken for the occasion or maybe look to get a print of an old classic.



A book is a brilliant budget gift for any occasion, provided you put the right amount of effort in. Think about your Mum and what she enjoys – whether it’s chick lit, thrillers, celeb biographies or a classic. Picking the right read from Dymocks will show that you know her and give her great joy for weeks to come. Wrap it up nicely for maximum effect.



Don’t buy flowers – especially if you’re just getting the one present – they’ll wilt too quickly. Treat your Mum to a longer-lasting but equally beautiful plant. It doesn’t have to be massive. Pop it into a nice pot and it’ll look great on the shelf and even better in the garden later. If you’re not particular green-fingered, there are some great Gardening Australia tips on ABC’s website that might provide some inspiration.



With a little bit of creativity, even the smallest gift can show her you care. Pick up an array of her favourite biscuits, chocolates and sweets and rustle up a fun treat hamper that’ll keep her stocked up with goodies for a while to come. It’s a bit of fun and by showing her you know all her favourite things, it proves you really know your Mum.



A bottle of wine is guaranteed to raise a smile on Mother’s Day – and a $20 budget will still allow you to get something your Mum will really enjoy. Make sure you know her tastes – sweet or dry, red or white or rose – and show your national pride by picking up one of Australia’s finest wines. Wine Australia will help you research.


We can all spare $20 for our Mum. She deserves it after all. These ideas show that if you can’t afford much more than that then you’ll be just fine. Pick something personal that she’ll enjoy, show her you’ve thought of her and she’ll appreciate the effort you’ve made. It really is the thought that counts – and there’s no price tag you can place on getting that bit right.




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