Koi Dessert Bar spring fresh fruits cakes

4 ways to make the most of spring this season with Koi Dessert Bar

We all love spring because of the sunshine, blue skies, blossoming flowers and new menus in our favourite restaurants. But what about desserts?

That’s where the likes of Reynold Poernomo really shine, thanks to their creativity with what the most sensational of seasons has to offer.

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The dessert mind behind Koi Dessert Bars in Sydney has concocted four new cake recipes to maximise on the fresh, new spring fruits that really take-hold this season. And they don’t dis appoint.

Inspired by and made with real pear, peach, mandarin and apple fruit, the four new cakes available to Koi Dessert Bars really take spring desserts to a new level.

Pear: is a cake of pear cardamom mousse with poached pear, pear jelly and almond joconde.

Koi Dessert Bar spring fresh fruits pear

Peach: comprises white peach mousse with sudachi (Japanese citrus), peach and peach schnapps.

Koi Dessert Bar spring fresh fruits peach

Mandarin: Mandarin vanilla mousse with pineapple jam and lemon madeline.

Koi Dessert Bar spring fresh fruits mandarin

Apple: Apple mousse with apple cinnamon confit and almond joconde.

Koi Dessert Bar spring fresh fruits apple cake

They’re all delicately flavoured, miniature sized and as photogenic as the most stunning of cakes. Try them for yourself for $12 from Koi Dessert Bars in Sydney.

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