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4 top car trends of 2017

  1. The automotive industry is rapidly changing. Technology is advancing and this has an effect on customer needs and wants. People now want more than just being able to move from point A to B and cars have to be compatible with other needs in our lives.

Here are the top 4 car trends to achieve just that from this year…

2017 Holden Astra THE F car test drive

Wireless car charging

In this era, almost everyone is using a smartphone and automotive companies realised the need to keep these devices charged. Most cars now include wireless charging ability on their specifications. The ability to place your phone into a car dock and it starts charging is now a necessity for a lot of people. No worries about forgetting a charger even after a long session of real money pokies. And this makes your car look smarter inside without the cables.


Efficiency and eco-friendly objectives have triggered the innovations of electric cars. Fully electric cars will soon take over the automotive industry and compete with conventional vehicles. The competitive advantages that these electric cars have is that they are cost effective and environmentally friendly. Cost of gas will be reduced and carbon emission lowered compared to conventional vehicles.

Self-driving cars

Autonomous cars are now the centre of attention in the automotive industry. Just like auto spin-reels where online gambling players don’t have to press the spin button. Some automotive giants are putting innovative ideas on how to make self-driving safer on the road with limited human assistance. The cars can navigate the road by themselves and can analyse data using computer software. Autonomous cars are not yet approved to be on the road without human assistance due to safety precautions.

Delivery efficiency

Delivery in the future will not be same. Logistics companies will definitely love these vans for their delivery efficiency and cost cutting capability. Car, truck and van manufacturers are working towards improving the delivery system. For instance, Mercedes Benz rolled out a prototype of a delivery van with loading bays that can accommodate delivery robots. The robots then deliver packages to your door steps.

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