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Pesky pest problems – 4 tips for dealing with common household infestations

There is plenty to look forward to when winter arrives in Australia.

For one thing, it signals the start of the countdown to Christmas, with its joyous parties, gifts, and family dinners. It is a time when households take stock of what they have and who they want to share it with. Winter is a time of reflection, but it also comes with some interesting challenges.

For example, the incidence of pest infestations increases as the months gets colder.

This is because the most common household pests retreat indoors for shelter and warmth just like humans do. While they may have similar needs, mice, termites, spiders, and other unwanted visitors can cause havoc in your home and they should be removed quickly.

If you find evidence of pests in your home this winter, it is important to deal with the problem before it becomes a serious infestation. Keep reading for some advice on pest control.

Get your house protected 

The single best way to ensure that your home stays pest free is to arrange for a professional inspection. There are some superb pest control services in West Victoria and they offer rodent, cockroach, ant, spider, termite protection and more. You don’t have to be in the middle of an infestation for this to be a great idea. Annual inspections don’t just remove existing pests, they also plug up entryways, identify danger areas, and make it harder for critters to get inside.

Take care of your food

Whether or not you currently have unwanted guests, it is important to handle your food correctly. Rodents are especially attracted to open containers, so always keep your pantry products up high. Unsealed food should be kept in airtight containers because this will prevent mice and other pests from detecting it and making themselves at home.

Similarly, you should never leave loose rubbish bags in the garden.

Australia is filled with big and little beasts who won’t hesitate to make a mess in their search for snacks.

Always respond quickly 

It is common for homeowners to delay when it comes to treating pests, either because they assume that the problem won’t escalate or they’re not sure how to respond. The thing to remember about all household pests is that, as soon as they find shelter and food, they start to breed.

Mice and rats are prolific multipliers and they can easily take over a property if no control measures are put in place. The best thing to do, if you suspect pests (particularly mice or termites) is to call a local removal service.

Keep the house tidy 

This can be harder than it sounds, particularly for those with pets and young children, but it is an important part of keeping your home pest free. The more debris and clutter, the harder it is to spot the signs of rodents, termites, ants, and bedbugs.

While neatness isn’t a guarantee that you’ll never have pests, it will help you to identify invasions quickly and root out common hiding spots. Regularly cleaning things like sofa covers and mattresses is the best way to avoid bed bugs, mites, and other creatures.

Why pest prevention gives you peace of mind 

While it is always tempting to take a ‘not right now’ approach to pest prevention, particularly in winter, the reality is that pests don’t take vacations. It is never a convenient time to deal with them, but you can bet the job will be much harder if you let it develop. So make sure that unwanted visitors don’t cause trouble in your home this year by investing in regular inspections and annual treatments.

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