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3 tips for bolstering your business’ security inside and out

As a business owner, it’s important to take the time to assess your business for risks and see if your security needs to be strengthened. The question you should be asking yourself is how well can you recover from a security breach and get back to being fully operational? For some unknown reason, this is not a very high priority on most business owner’s list of tasks but it needs to be.

Depending on what kind of business you run, the word ‘security’ can carry a very different meaning. Internet security and cybercrime are terms we hear a lot nowadays and are very real issues. If your business uses a lot of online processes or you store a lot of valuable information in the cloud, then this will, of course, be a concern for your business.

With that said, it’s important to note that brick and mortar businesses are at risk from burglars, vandals and thieves as much as they have ever been and proper security measures should be taken to keep your premises safe.

Continue reading to find out how you can bolster your business’ security both inside and out.

Business Security Systems

As we mentioned already, securing your physical business premises is as important now as it ever was. Burglaries happen more often than you might think and it’s not something you do not want you or your business to fall victim to.

There are a wide range of business security systems available offering a range of services from mobile patrol units to CCTV surveillance monitoring to alarm response units and alarm monitoring. These systems are highly effective and should be the first port of call in securing your business.

Security policies

Once you have a security system in place, it’s important to back it up with an airtight security policy. Staff will need to be trained up on your new policies and learn exactly what is required of them to adhere to the rules. Access is the major issue here and you need to ensure that only certain staff members have access to stock, keys, codes and any important or sensitive documentation.

The bigger your business is, the more important it is to ensure every staff member is carrying out his or her tasks the same way. Through consistency, you will spot the inconsistencies with ease and it is here that the security risks are usually located.

Cyber security

Nowadays, cyber security, or internet security, should be a major concern for all business owners, regardless of size or status. If your business has an e-commerce element to it, it’s even more important that you ensure you are protected against malware, phishing and other cyber attacks.

Luckily there are some great free antispyware and antivirus programs out there to help. If your budget allows it, you should consider the paid option as they offer better features and support.

Remember, that software can only do so much. The IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index reported that more than 95% of investigated incidents involved human error. Be emphatic with your staff as to the importance of cyber security and employ strict policies for creating passwords. Ensure that all passwords are changed periodically and the same password is never repeated.

Finally, when it comes to securing your data, always backup your files and do it frequently. If anything bad does happen, at least you will have another copy of the data you can rely on and will be able to get back up and running that bit quicker.

Secure your business

Bolstering your businesses security inside and out starts with securing your business premises. Once your premises are secure, you will need to introduce solid security procedures and train your staff accordingly. From there, it’s a matter of staying up-to-date with cyber security to protect your data.

The biggest mistake most business owners make regarding security is putting it on the long finger. A wise man once said, “don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today” and he was right. When it comes to the security of your business don’t put it off any longer, take action now and avoid disappointment tomorrow.

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