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3 steps to change careers without having to quit your day job

We all know the feeling. You get the job and you’re stoked. Then you start work and it’s all great. After a while, the lustre wears off and before you know it, BAM, you’re rocking up to work, hating the fact you’re there and thinking about nothing but getting out of there.
It’s typically mostly associated with Millennials, but this job fatigue can affect everyone, so why not try shaking things up a bit before you reach boiling point and look to expand your horizons without facing the hardship of prematurely throwing in the towel, by looking into online study?

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Upskilled provides online learning solutions across a huge range of faculties, making it more manageable to go through a job or career change. Also, online study and education is increasingly less of a foreign concept these days, except for those courses or degrees that require a little bit more of a intense approach or ‘hands on’ time – like a art course or music degree for example. Makes sense.

By taking on additional study to what you might already be qualified in, you set yourself above the rest. This helps make any possible career change in mind that much more achievable. And the best bit? The likes of Upskilled offer all sorts of education from once-off short courses to nationally recognised qualifications,
There’s nothing worse than committing yourself to something as important as study without knowing what you’re prepared for.

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Make the decision to study

It can be a daunting thought, but Upskilled has a handy little run down of how online study works that is worth looking into. Just thin; flexibility! 

Prepare for the change

Don’t go in half-cocked. There’s nothing worse than committing yourself to something as intense as online study without knowing what you’re prepared for. Whether you’re planning on studying any of their extensive range of courses, like IT, accounting and finance,  business, or natural therapies, have a read-up on the courses and what’s involved and go in, guns blazing, knowing what you want to come out of it and where you want your studies to take you.

Settle in and take it down

Remember the key to online study is the flexibility to take it on as you want, but also, remembering to deliver can be pretty vital. Once you’ve committed, it’s a small amount of time for dedication to access the rest of your future  by way of a heads-down-bums-up-type mentality to smash through the course and get ready for the next step.

See more about studying with Upskilled at their website.

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