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3 spots in your home you always forget to clean

Most of the readers would agree that it is beyond difficult to live in an unclean space. As a result, most of us clean our homes as thoroughly as possible. Not only an unclean living space would bring about negativity, it also has the potential to develop into the source of a number of health issues.

While there is not denying that you do everything you know of to maintain a safe and clean environment for yourself and your family, there are certain areas of your home that do not get enough attention. When it comes to cleanliness, even one dirty area in the home is as dangerous and disease infested as a completely dirty home. Check out this list of places and things that people usually miss out on while cleaning, and make sure you target them next time you whip out thee vacuum cleaner.

Professional cleaning of the carpet

The carpet is one things that is present in almost all areas of a home. While most people vacuum their carpets regularly, and do everything they can to prevent and eliminate stains, these things cannot make up for a professional job.

Most of us do not realise this, but getting the carpet professionally cleaned at least twice an year is something that is included in basic carpet care. If you haven’t gotten your carpet professionally cleaned, it is about time that you call someone. There are a number of businesses that undertake carpet cleaning in Brisbane.

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Ceiling fans and air vents

Both ceiling fans and air vents deal with circulating the air in your home. While the fans are stuck on the ceiling, thee air vents are usually tucked away or up in the ceiling as well. For this reason, it is common to find them dirty in home, because they are overlooked when the cleaning is done. 

While air vents are responsible for actually filtering the air you breathe, a lot of dust and dirt gets stuck in thee filters, which eventually find their way inside your home. Make sure you pay special attention to the air vents next time you clean and switch the filters every few months.

Similarly, fans are known culprits when we talk about collecting dust. The worst part is, this dust is does not stay limited to the surface of the fan. Instead, when you switch the fans on, the loose dust particles are recirculated inside the room, essentially getting inside your lungs. To avoid health problems, make sure you wipe your fans free of dust and dirt every few weeks.

Ceiling fan bedroom

Doorknobs, handles and switchboards

These elements usually blend in with the rest of the things that need cleaning, and are often overlooked. However, these are also the objects that you and your family come in contact with several times during the day. Over time, knobs, handles, switches and switchboards collect grime and germs that are transferred to your body through physical contact.

Make sure you not only clean these areas, you disinfect them with an anti-bacterial cleaner to ensure a thorough job.

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Everyone craves a clean home. After all, a clean environment is tranquil and relaxing. If you ever felt that you home is not completely clean, even after a cleaning session that lasted several hours, you now know what you missed.

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