3 Best Things About Driving The Ford Territory

When you think of a Ford Territory, you think family. And that’s exactly what it’s for. However, what is all too easy to overlook is just how well the family element of an eight-seater 4WD like the 2015 Ford Territory can be done-away with in place of stylish weekends away, practical inner-city runabouts or general errands. And comfortably!

After spending a few days driving the car around town, the three best things about the Ford Territory 2015 are…


Leather everything. Say no more. The seats are ergnomically designed to work with the bumps and shapes of the regular human body. The seats – and there are EIGHT of them – are adjustable in height (driver and passenger), inclination and recline and have no problem in cushioning all the blows of bumpy urban roads and side streets.

The car is purposed for large numbers of people and ideal for going away. The rear seats fold down to offer a full boot space – perfect for shopping/camping/weekends away – and shoving as many friends into for those sneaky days off to the beach. It’s not only the physical comfort of the Ford Territory, though, it’s the psychological comfort, too.

It’s fuel-efficient as the best of them. Whether it’s the fact that a full tank will pretty much last you two weeks of inner city driving, or the fact that it’s almost bad driver-proof thanks to the relaxingly reliable reverse camera and parking sensors (goodbye rear bingles!), the Ford Territory is reliable and a stress-free drive.


The Ford Territory is made for practicality, too. With a reliable (most of the time) built-in GPS that, much like any iPhone, speaks to you in easy-to-understand direction. Combined with the fact it has built-in Bluetooth technology to auto-connect with your phone so there’s legit no reason to touch the thing while you drive, life is easy!


With the wireless connectivity of the car to all elements of it that are built-in, the Ford Territory is made for kid’s distractions, passenger’s enjoyment or driver’s pleasure, focusing on the music and entertainment spread of inside the car. The car even comes equipped with a flip-down DVD player in the ceiling to quieten kids down during rowdy family trips or keep the friends entertained during long weekends away. In any case, it’s made for enjoyment of the trip, not just getting from A-to-B.

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