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1821 will change everything you’ve come to know about Greek food

1821 for Greece is significant for two reasons: for one, it’s the year of the country’s independence, so y’know, a big deal, but for two, it’s the name of a Greek restaurant in Sydney that will floor you.

It’s the baby of owner Jim Kospetas, that took the best of Greek food, added a unique ‘contemporary Australian’ dining wash to it and plonked it right in the middle of Sydney’s CBD.

Complete with all the hallmarks of something you’d expect from a Greek establishment like a giant flag mural – like on Yiayia’s garage door – of the more subdued variety on the wall, thankfully, high ceilings, a Santorini-like feel, complete with an adorable array of Greek shepherd’s crooks that separate the kitchen from the dining room, it’s pretty quaint and immediately comfortable.

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The food is where the restaurant and its known chef, David Tsirekas, shine, though.

It plays along the lines of the traditional, but done in a less traditional method with a bit more ‘friendly for everyone’-type vibe. Think haloumi, of course, but crusted with sesame seeds and served with a delicately sweet quince syrup, confit cherry tomatoes and dried kalamata olives. Words don’t easily come close.

Follow that up with a modest sized, but good quality cocktail menu with classics like a Greek-themed take on the mojito and cocktails titled ‘tears of chios’ which contains the typically Greek go-to when it comes to alcohol (not ouzo!), ‘Mastiha’.

Add to that, a food menu that contains classics like moussaka with lamb ragout, eggplant and a tonne of cheese, with a little (read: a lot) more finesse than what might else be slapped on a plate at the local’s haunt in Oakleigh in Melbourne, or Marrickville in Sydney.

Moussaka 1821 Greek Sydney

As well as a special ‘fish of the day’ option, sourced from the Murray – complete with a Greek salad, because why not? – their menu is as far-reaching and filling as the best of them.

Fish of the day 1821 Greek Sydney

See more about 1821 and make a booking at their website.

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